Cane Master Lake Tahoe Canes

Cane Masters has a whole new line called the Tahoe Canes!  Mark Shuey designed this line of canes to instill “the spirit of Lake Tahoe in every step you take.”  With names like the Granite Chief and Sand Harbor; each cane reflects a natural element in the Lake Tahoe area, with characteristics that match its namesake.

The Granite Chief is one of the prominent land features in the Lake Tahoe basin,  Mountaineers  from around the world come to scale its majestic peak at 9,010 feet.  The Granite Chief cane is made from American White Oak.  Aside from the strength the wood choice provides, this cane has 2 grips hand carved on the shaft and is finished with a high gloss tung oil finish.  As with many of Cane Master canes, the Granite Chief can deliver balance and confidence in an exquisitely handcrafted medical device.  If you miss independence and the adventure life could deliver, this solid cane with two sets of grips carved into the shaft can get you moving once again.

The Cave Rock is named after a cave created over 3 million years ago, located on the southeastern shore of Lake Tahoe.  It is visible from almost any point on the late and is considered sacred to the Washoe Indians.  The Cave Rock cane is made from American White Oak and features one grip hand cared into the shaft just under the opening of the crook.  With the high gloss tung oil finish, this cane is pure strength, elegance in its simplicity.

Sand Harbor, known for the beautiful beaches that hosts the Shakespeare festival each summer; has a beautiful cane named after it.  The Sand Harbor cane is the glowing color of the sand that stretches for miles and miles along the shore of Lake Tahoe.  Crafted of white oak with a smooth shaft and high gloss tung oil finish, this “chisel” style horned cane comes complete with a rubber tip.

There are many more Cane Master Lake Tahoe Canes available. The styling of each cane is  inspired by a different feature of Lake Tahoe, and each is  designed to add balance, beauty, wellness and independence to your lifestyle.  Not sure which best suits your needs?  See all 10 of these unique beauties each crafted a little differently for the different needs of consumers.  Once again, Mark Shuey has created a line of canes that are more than a medical device; they are a stylish and strong walking aid that double as a self-defense weapon.  Visit to see more.