Cane Masters and The American Cane System

The American Cane System is a traditional Martial Art System developed by Grandmaster (GM) Mark Shuey.  It was designed as a self-defense method, using a cane.  It also enhances physical fitness and emotional wellness.  Developed over a decade ago, the American Cane System today, is recognized throughout the world.

Grandmaster Mark Shuey Founder of the American Cane System

When GM Mark Shuey decided to ensure the American Cane System adhered to traditional Martial Art discipline, levels of training were instituted, with requirements at each level, which  must be mastered before students can progress to the next level.   There are eight levels, marked by different colored belts, the highest level is the black belt.  Once the black belt level is reached, there are ten levels of the black belt training.  A few of this belt training levels include:

  1. Samurai sword techniques where the sword is replaced by the cane.
  2. Cane Fencing – This was developed jointly with Cane Master Dr. Brian Salinas, who has taught cane fencing for over 17 years
  3. Straight Cane – Walking sticks and straight canes are a favorite for multiple generations.  In fact, in early history straight canes were a status symbol for the powerful and wealthy.  But straight canes must be used differently from a traditional hook cane, when used for self-defense and this level is devoted to straight cane techniques.
  4. T-top Cane.  The balance of a T-top cane is different from a traditional hook cane.  This level will ensure the student is intimately familiar with self defense using a T-top cane.
  5. Make Your Own Cane.  Once students are thoroughly familiar with the weight and feel and use of a cane, each will make their own cane.  Nothing helps students understand canes, like learning how to make one.

The American Cane system covers up to 10 levels and by the end, you will know the cane inside and out.  But the true benefits of the American Cane System discipline is the self-defense techniques you will become adept at, and the health and wellness that will accompany your training. 

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