When we are in pain, we don’t need medical doublespeak.  We need concise, clear communication of what is the source of the pain and how it may be best addressed.

Mr Nick Ferran is very professional, but he also is unafraid to consult with other orthopaedic medical specialists if he feels their area of expertise may benefit his patient. 

What this means for you:

When you go to consult with Mr. Nick Ferran, he will explain in clear terms, the medical condition of your shoulder or elbow injury, what the possible health implications and outcomes could be and his recommended course of action.  If Mr. Ferran consulted with another physician, he will include that information in his explanation.  The result is that you can still make your own health decision, but you will be armed with the information to determine what is best for your health. 

The Shoulder and Elbow London Team:

The team works together to make your experience the best it can be for you, so it makes a difference that Shoulder and Elbow London has an experienced and stellar medical staff in place, in addition to Mr. Nick Ferran.

Practice Manager:  Ms. Madolyn Palmer has worked as a PA for over 5 years with Orthopaedics as her special interest.  Ms. Palmer works to make every patient’s experience as smooth and stress free as possible, and after years in Orthopaedics, she understands what needs to be done as efficiently as possible in a caring manner.

Dr. Rony Berrebi is a Consultant in Anaesthetics and intensive Care Medicine at the London North West University Healthcare Trust, the Lister Hospital Chelsea and the Circle Reading Hospital.  With his true passion in the area of regional anaesthesia – ultrasound guided nerve block, due to the improved postoperative pain management and the potential for speedier recovery. Dr. Berrebi teaches nerve blocks nationally on the association of Anesthetist of Great Britain and Ireland course as well as in his Trust.

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