Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers! – December 2020

december dividend income

We continue our march towards financial freedom. 2020 is finally over, but WOW has 2021 started off on a frenzy.  We have a new president and the WallStreetBets, i.e. the retail investors, are attempting to take down Wall Street hedge funds…we love it!  Talk about insanity though with what Robinhood and other brokerages are doing.

Every month, we are inspired by the growth and progress of all the dividend income bloggers from around the world.  Many records were set in December to close out the year, while countless other bloggers saw their dividend income increase.  All of you continue to inspire and demonstrate, yet again, that the passive income source from dividends is a viable path to financial freedom.

Therefore, without further ado, we proudly present to you, Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – December 2020 style.

Passive Canadian Income – $772.50 – Let’s kick this dividend income summary off in true style. Rob reported a PERSONAL RECORD in December. We’re expecting to see a lot of records in this income summary.  Congrats Rob and enjoy that new dividend from one of our favorite dividend stocks… Johnson & Johnson!

Money Maaster – $854.72 –  This was a fantastic report all around. Jordan’s portfolio hit record highs in December AND he officially received over $10,000 in dividend income in 2020. Those are two very cool and impressive milestones right there.

Dividends and Hobbies – $1,239.20 –  You couldn’t have said it any better. “Consistent buying brings results.”  Your portfolio is filled with high quality, dividend growth stocks. The results are starting to speak for themselves.

My Dividend Dynasty – $1,334.27 – We have another record breaking month from another blogger. MDD…STEP ON UP TO THE PLATE! Those new dividends from AFL and WBA, to Dividend Aristocrats. Let’s not also forget the dividend increases you received, and the impact each of the increases will have on your 2021 income. MDD – fantastic stuff!

Dividends Are Coming – 106.41 (Euros) – Your portfolio had quite the turnaround story in 2020. From hitting lows, to reaching new highs! Shell and Gilead led the charge for DAC in December by paying nealy 50 Euros combined.

Dividend Seedling – $57.95 – This was a very well balanced month for Seedling. 18 different dividend growth stocks paid Seedling a dividend.  It is nice to see that we share so many names in our dividend stock portfolios.

Dividend Portfolio – $47.57 – Now that 2020 is behind us, it is all about moving forward in 2021 and building our dividend income. DP took a huge step towards rebuilding the dividend stock portfolio in 2020 and is seeing the dividend snowball start to roll once again.

Dividend Quest – $464.39 – The number was below DQ’s expectations. Luckily, it wasn’t due to dividend cuts. Several companies deferred their dividend payouts one month and will be paying out in January. Your January is going to be off the charts!

Engineering Dividends – $1,333.35 – Another personal record right here! That Fastenal special dividend was massive and had a huge impact on your bottomline for the month.  Also, congrats is in order for corssing the $12k dividend income milestone as well. So many great things happened for you in December.

Dividends Down Under – $626 – Here is a rare comment. Dividends Down Under only received ONE DIVIDEND in December. That was a huge dividend from Washington H. Soul Pattinson. Excellent stuff DDU.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Stalfare – 1,334 (Euros) –  Your dividend income was bolstered by the early payment of a special dividend. What a nice $400 treat for you to have received last month.

Dividend Dream – 181 (Euro) – Hey you received dividend growth!  You are starting to realize the true American Dream, living off that passive income!  Keep going and live that Dream.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $194.69 – Hopefully that Wells Fargo (WFC) dividend springs back.  as we have said it many times on our YouTube video – Big Banks are BACK!  A great example is JPMorgan video we showcased:

DivHut – $1,704.76 – Holy Smokes!  Almost $2,000 in dividend income!  That Aflac (AFL) dividend is awesome, at well over $100.  We consider the fact that Aflac could be the most undervalued dividend aristocrat right now!

Dividend Dozer – $525.97 – Vanguard’s VTI coming through with a nice punch of almost $350!  I think I see 6 or 7 dividend aristocrats, including good old reliable, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).  I know you had a small decline in 2020 vs. 2019 for December, but as you stated – your portfolio is much cleaner and healthier.  Heck, you just received BlackRock’s (BLK) massive dividend increase announced last week, HUGE!

Dividend Hawk – $2,104.15 – Your dividend stocks are really kicking it into high gear, crushing prior year results no doubt.  Further, that Enbridge (ENB) dividend crossed triple digits, so awesome.  Then, you have my favorite – Pfizer (PFE), the COVID-19 winner, just pouring dividends your way.  Keep it up!

Reverse the Crush – $86.96 – Record month, congratulations!  Excited for you to CROSS triple digits in 2021.  Further, love that you have a dividend king in there with Coke (KO).  Keep it going, you’ve got this RTC!

Time in the Market – $4,900.86 – At these levels, yet a 17% increase to the dividend income total is amazing!  The blogging community can take note of this and see that living and producing this type of dividend income is possible.  Dividend investing can be a true way to reach financial freedom.  Given these dividend totals, it is possible!

Broke Investor – $68.29 – A 16.4% dividend income increase is HUGE.  Also, love 3M (MMM) as well and you do a pretty nice comparison of how you can use dividends to pay for your every day costs.  Can’t wait until some of those are at 100%, I am sure you can’t either!

Mooi Dividend – 97.07 (Euros) – Excellent dividends Mooi Dividend. You have to love the fact that you are closing in on 100 euros in the best dividend paying month of the year!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Financially Free in 10 Years – 136.53 (Euros) – What a finish to the year for Mr. Robot!  The month would have been better too if it weren’t for the pesky dividend payments changing months on a holding.

P2035 – $146 –  The new dividend payments paved the way for some serious growth in December 2020. Congrats on receiving new dividends from great companies like BP, KHC, RDS, MMM, and Intel.

Passive Income Pursuit – $1,696.31 – Despite the dividend cuts, you still CRUSHED it in December. Overall, your income for the year still increased 26%. Now how SICK is that? Even a few dividend cuts couldn’t stop you from crushing it.

Finance Journey – $1,834.51 – DANG! A 37% year over year dividend increase? Oh yeah, on top of that, Finance Journey set a new personal record! Now, lets see if you break this record in March 2021 as you are forecasting. You can do it!

Dividend Pig – $3,503.30 –  Holy freaking cow Dividend Pig! This was shocking on so many levels. That is some serious $$$ that you received from 84 companies. That is a lot of individual payments our friend. Keep pushing and keep motivating us.

SD Growth – $4,324.88 – You blew right by your goal hitting $4,000 in dividend income in a month.  Your portfolio has so many great dividedn growth stocks in it. Keep up the great work!

Divcome – $678.45 – Another blogger continues to push forward on their journey to financial freedom. Man, what a great month. So many great dividend growth stocks in your portfolio!

Dividend Machine – $25.88 – Welcome to the monthly bloggers post Dividend Machine! We are pumped to see your dividend income growing, as you start your journey to financial freedom. MSFT, O, and KO…..not too shabby of a list of dividend paying stocks.

Kody’s Dividend – $165.60 – Woah woah woah. An 80.7% increase compared to last year?! Congratulations on the great progress Kody.  The best part is that your DRIP and dividend increases continued to push your dividend income forward in 2021.

Dividend Growth Journey – $810.69 – Wow – A $175 special dividend payment. That is absolutely insane DGJ. Between that dividend, your triple digit Prudential dividend, and all other payments, your absolutely DESTROYED December.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Dividends and Divergences – $30.52 – Those consistent Robinhood purchases are really starting to make a difference D&D. Look how many great companies paid you an dividend in December. That is how you build a strong foundation of dividend growth stocks.

Divs 4 Jesus – $444.73 – Just a casual 174% year over year increase for D4J.  The best part was reading about all of the new dividends that paid you a dividend this year compared to last year. Keep buying those income producing assets!

Investing Pursuits – $455.07 –  That Enbridge dividend payment was SWEET in DEcember Investing Pursuits. Congratulations on receiving such a large dividend payment from one of the Canadian Dividend Investing communities favorite dividend stocks!

Our Life Financial – $247.97 –  Your annual forward dividend income contineus to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow. You are going to blow by $2,500 in 2021. Heck, we know you can crush $3,000 as well. Fantastic end of the year.

Legend of Income – $190.15 – Another blogger, another record. Man oh man, what a month December has been for so many in the dividend investing community.  Legend of Income is on the doorstep of crossing $200 in dividend income.

All About the Dividends – $614.16 –  Don’t worry, don’t worry. The decrease for the month was only due to Power Corp changing the month that they paid a dividend. NOT a dividend cut. Still, even with the change, this was a fantastic month and a great way to end 2020.

Root of Good – $15,143 – Stop the presses right here. Root of God just posted an absolute INSANE amount of dividend income in December. Those mutual funds and ETFs really came through and delivered quite the performance to finish out 2021.

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $2,297.86 – You are 100% correct. Man oh man is it nice having your income work for you. That is the name of the game and why we are trying to invest as much as possible into dividend growth stocks.

Wallet Squirrel – $20.19 – Our favorite SEO experts received a solid month of dividend income. Realty Income and Microsoft are two very fitting stocks for your dividend portfolio! What makes this report even better is your discussion about all your other sources of passive income.

Journey to Total Freedom – $1,362.96 –  Still a huge amount of dividend income income, despite the increase. You have to love that you are rebalancing your dividend portfolio and shifting from high yielding stocks to lower yield growth stocks.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Seeking the Dividends – $603.75 – Another record setting month.  Lets look beyond the record here though. Your stock purchases of Kroger (179 shares) and Walgreens (67 shares) are setting the table for an even stronger 2021. Can’t wait to see you set a new record this year.

Dividend Cultivator – $687.31 – Love the simplicity here. Only 5 dividend gorwth stocks paid you a dividend in December. The oil and gas sector was well represented. Enbridge and Exxon were your two largest paying dividend stocks, by far.

Engineer My Freedom – 117.80 (Euros) –  This is a perfect example of the power of dividend growth investing. Your year over year growth was bolstered by 5 dividend increases. Interesting, we own 4 of the 5 companies that increased their payout compared to last year.

Mr. Tako Escapes – $14,591.92 – Let us just pull the quote from the article: “For the year 2020, we collected a total of $60,737 in dividend income.” Mic drop. There really isn’t too much more we can say other than…AMAZING.

My Dividend Snowball – $2,076.88 – This is definitely one of the largest year over year increases we are going to cover in the article. MDS’s dividend income increased by 305% compared to last year. Man – hopefully you can see why we get so pumped up when writing this article each month.

Reinis Fischer – $119.17 –  Crossing $100 is still a great total, even if you income decreased compared to last year.  Keep on adding some great dividend growth stocks to your portfolio. That Pfizer dividend is very solid.

Dividends from Scratch – $483.81 – Wow – excellent month. Love the fact that 6 companies that paid you a dividend in December increased their payout compared to last year.  The beauty of dividend investing.

DivGro – $4,112 – No big deal.  Just FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS in dividend income.  Goodness.  WOW.  You are almost at $3,000 per month in projected income.  Further, love that you also own Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) – a nice dividend aristocrat that JUST increased their dividend yet again.  Keep it up.  Freedom baby.

Dividend Income Stocks – $470.70 – I understand that special dividends cause the fluctuation, so when you back that out – your normal dividend growth is up year over year.  On top of that you earned almost $1,500 on YouTube!  That’s awesome, just incredible.  Dividend income, passive income, advertising income = HUGE!  You can subscribe to our channel, as well everyone!

Capturando Dividendos – $657.82 – You have quite the dividend from Discover Financial Services (DFS).  I actually think they will do VERY well here coming up; delinquencies and charge offs are under control.  The Financial Institution is humming along and interchange is now slowing down with each and every swipe of the card.  Great results Captain!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Simple Dividend Growth – $4,324.88 – Goodness.  Another $4,000+!  This is true dividend investing. You are bringing in over 10% of that with Prudential (PRU), a name that I don’t see too often.  How did you accumulate so many shares and/or why?  Would LOVE to know!  You also have a great Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) position, not to mention United Parcel Services (UPS) – both pandemic proof stocks, that’s for sure.  You’ll be at $6K maybe next year this time!

Desidividend – $1,677.55 – You may not have hit your goal, but the dividend community is drooling from your results, big time.  I see we both still own Shell (RDS).  The price per barrel of oil is rising and I can honestly see another modest increase from the big oil company of Shell again this year, like they did last year after their behemoth dividend cut.  Keep it cranking Desi!

Chicken-Wizard – $1,542.22 – 44 companies paid you.  You have 44 companies working for you or 44 employees, working their buts off producing income in your honor.  Jealous of that Costco (COST) position you have.  Talk about another hero during COVID-19  I wonder how the lines have been lately there.  I’ll never forget when my co-worker said he waited for 2 hours to check out.  Incredible.  Upward and onward CW!

Another Loonie – $52 – A nice solid $52 in dividend income added to your networth, as we love reading your monthly updates.  Your dividend snowball is growing and 2021 is going to be the best year yet for you and for this community.

Tawcan – $2,769.68 – Bob finished his legendary 2020 in style. His December dividend income increased 32% compared to last year. Overall, 2020 was very successful, as his diivdend income jumped 17% compared to 2019.

Dividends & FNB – $302.62 – You have to love another dividend investor with a large dividend from VYM. That is currently Lanny’s FAVORITE high yield, dividend paying ETF.  He has bought them weekly to consistenly add to his portfolio.

Dreaming of Dividends – $4,616 –  Another blogger is making some serious moves towards financial freedom. Dreaming of Dividends logged over $18k in dividends in 2020. Your goal of $25,000 is easily attainable in 2021!

Dividend Earner – $3,534 – We are ending this article in style. Earner earned a CRAZY amount of dividend income in December. That $700 special dividend was a nice cherry on top for an unbelievable 2020.

Total:  58 Bloggers Received $94,902.98 in Dividends in December (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $1,636 in dividend income this month! Further, we added 1 more blogger compared to our November 2020 income summary artcle. It is great seeing our community continue to grow, as more people learn about the power of dividend investing!

Every month, we talk about how awesome this community is. We truly mean it. All of you continue to amaze, inspire, and push us to continue buying dividend growth stocks. How can you not get excited after reading each of these 5X journeys towards financial freedom?!

The name of the game is buying income producing assets that increase your passive income. Build that growing, passive income stream that will one day cover your living expenses.

We always preach the importance of remaining consistent and investing as much of our income as possible over the years. The saying goes “It is about time in the market, not timing the market.”  We truly believe that dividend income is the easiest source of passive income (Read our 5 Reason Why). Therefore, let’s continue to save every dollar possible, cut expenses, and do whatever it takes to reach this coveted end game.

If you are not sure where to invest your cash, we also have you covered with the following articles:

Now that you are motivated and armed with plenty of resources to save and invest, lets TAKE ACTION.  Time to find some undervalued dividend growth stocks to invest in.  Let’s keep that dividend income stream flowing!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

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