Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – July 2020

What another month it has been in the stock market!  The tradition, however, continues to march on, as the dividend income from YOU the bloggers article brings in the true F.I.R.E.!  We are all on a form of financial independence journey and we are primarily using dividend income as our main source of passive income to reach financial freedom. The July installment of this article highlights 51 separate journeys and each of their July dividend income summaries.

My Dividend Dynasty – $614.23 – That Medical Shares Property (MDW) continues to churn dividends for you, almost $250.00!  I bet that dividend reinvestment is steam rolling now.  Luckily, Leggett & Platt (LEG) continues to stay steady with their dividend.  Time will tell if they increase theirs this year, or not!

Money Maaster – $1,121.55 – Crossing the 4 digit mark, love it!  The power of your dividend reinvestment is insanely awesome!  I see that you have heavier positions than most, which helps supports that.  Looking forward to hopefully another $1,000+ dividend income month from you!

Dividend Portfolio – $6.67 – Making moves and coming back!  You already have quite the dividend aristocrats paying you, such as Altira (MO), Realty Income (O) and Coke (KO).  We actually did a fun battle of Pepsi Vs. Coke that everyone should definitely watch!

Reverse the Crush – $31.87 – 117% growth rate folks.  That doesn’t come easy, that’s growth.  That comes from investing, reinvesting and dividend growth. Two big Canadian Banks of Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and Canadian Imperial (CM).  In addition, two other dividend aristocrats, similar to DP above, with Altria (MO) and Coke (KO).  Keep it up RTC!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $253.85 – 8 Companies and over $250 in an off month is not too shabby!  I hear you on dividend cuts.  Let’s cheers to no more for the remainder of the year!  Hoping that’s not wishful thinking!

Dividend Dozer – $106.77 – I love that Medtronic (MDT) that you have received, in addition to the dividend increase/growth you have experienced.  Your portfolio will continue to roar, keep focused on the dividend aristocrats!

Stalflare – 966 Euro – So close to another 4 digit dividend month!  You will be back and it makes sense, due to not receiving the dividend from AbbVie (ABBV).  I hope Italy opens up soon, for the tourism and economy!

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $3,101.08 – The big Canadian Banks bringing you MASSIVE dividend checks.  From Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Canadian Imperial (CM) and TD (TD).  Over $2,100+ from three dividend beasts!  Freedom is there, my fried!

Passive Income Pursuit – $662.12 – A 45%+ increase to the dividend income total compared to July 2019.  Fairly impressive.  You keep that up, 4 digits July 2021 baby!! I love that you are bringing in big dividends from Coke (KO) and Cisco (CSCO) – two very solid dividend stocks.  Keep it up!

Passive Canadian Income – $612.89 – Almost a 25% growth rate.  The Restaurant Brands stock is killing it for you and the lines at Burger King and Popeyes here in the States are VERY long.  Good job in owning that stock, no doubt.

Tawcan – $2,382.57 – WOW, 20 dividend payments coming your way.  I see you all over the big dividend stocks in Canada, such as Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Canadian Imperial (CM) and two of the biggest networks with Telus (TU) and Roger Communications (RCI).  Keep stacking the dividends Tawcan and making moves on the journey!  Lastly, love that DRIP added almost $100 to your dividend goal and your MASSIVE move on Toronto Dominion (TD) added another $300!  So awesome.

Dividend Hawk – $1,358.89 – Wow, another home run here.  I see Altria (MO) and Philip Morris (PM) added a huge bang of $250 to your monthly dividend income total.  I have had PM on my August Dividend Stock watch list.

Dividend Pig – $1,120.88 – Glad to see a fellow Cisco (CSCO) shareholder!  I know the dividend community has been busy scooping up shares of the nice technology company.  I know they are battling Zoom and Microsoft (MSFT), but I believe they have more to offer.  Further, I hear you on the lower dividend growth.  Let’s see if we pick up steam towards the end of the year.  Curious when companies, as I’ve stated earlier, will re-instate dividends from the suspensions/cuts we have had.

My Financial Shape – $419 – Nice working, collecting almost $500 big ones in July.  I see a nice big Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) dividend.  Big pharma has done VERY incredible and, with COVID-19, will continue to do very well.

Broke Investor – $37.60 – Cisco Systems (CSCO) is coming in the clutch for the dividend investors.  We go over the upcoming beast of a technological dividend stock in our video. Stocks to Buy in a Post-Pandemic World.  Further, love the Eastman Chemical (EMN), as I believe them to be a great dividend company in the chemical space.  Keep it up BI!

Get Rich Brothers – $651.30 – Making moves with a 22% growth rate there. A growth rate that would make many of us drool.  Further, You are in the Canadian investments and I definitely need to look at Telus (TU) further.  Nice work!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $704 – Mr. Tako always comes back to reality for most of us, which is funny, given June he had over $14,000+ in dividends!  Mr. Tako doesn’t worry about smoothing the dividends, but is more about managing the cash flow.  $704 is still pretty damn awesome!

Wallet Squirrel – $47.93 – Nice work!  I see that Iron Mountain (IRM) coming in big!  PUMPED that you are sharing the stock holdings you have, versus just a lump sum.  You have a great writing style and also – awesome eye catching marketing tools.  Can’t wait to see you consistently have over $50 and then $100 in dividends!

Kody’s Dividends – $73.79 – I am looking forward to seeing you build your portfolio up, come September/October and really hit the ground running.  You’ll be brushing off those pesky dividend cuts in no time.  Financial Freedom wasn’t going to be a cake walk, that’s for sure!

Dividend Cultivator – $1,149.11 – DC, great work bringing in over 4 digits of dividend income.  You definitely love your Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), with Medical Properties (MPW) and Simon Property Group (SPG), even though I know you liquidated your position in SPG.  Keep cultivating that dividend income portfolio!

Seeking the Dividends – $219.55 – You are doing so well and yes, this pandemic may last for a while.  We need to continue the journey to financial freedom and grow their dividend income portfolios as much as possible.  Keep it up and can’t wait to see continued growth!

Desi Dividend – $416.32 – Love that you are receiving dividend income from your real estate investment in Fundrise.  As you know, I have been investing with them for over 18+ months and couldn’t be happier.  See my Fundrise Q2 summary.

Fiscal Voyage – $866.15 – Experiencing significant growth Felix, nice work!  I am sure you cannot wait to cross one thousand dollars for an off-month, like July.  Keep it going!

Dividend Quest – $706.75 – I know you are experiencing dividend cuts now.  Let me tell you, you are not alone.  I wrote about the dividend cuts and the impact to my dividend income & my portfolio going forward.  We’ll persevere.

Financially Free in 10 Years – $95.89 – SO many dividend aristocrats in that portfolio.  Leggett & Platt (LEG), Pepsi (PEP), Cardinal Health (CAH), just to name a few.  Great portfolio and don’t sweat not cracking three digits, you’ll be over $1,000+ next year.

Dividend Seedling – $15.12 – 4 dividend aristocrats out of 6 paid you and probably a few more on the way.  Building a dividend portfolio isn’t easy but Dividend Seedling has shown you can double your dividend income, year over year, no problem.

Divcome – $236.59 – A nice few hundred dollars, no big deal, right?  Almost $250 and you’ll soon be at $500.  Further, pumped you have the newly minted dividend aristocrat of Realty Income (O), the incredible monthly dividend income payer.  Hard to beat the almost 4.5% dividend yielder!

Dividend Earner – $2,172 – $300 higher than last July over 15%+ higher.  You said it was a “boring” month – well, I’ll take $2k+ any month!  You’ll be at $2,500 next year, cannot wait to see those results.

Dividend Swan – $121.81 – Another triple digit month!  I love you have great dividend stocks in that portfolio and I have to look at Dr. Pepper/Keurig (KDP), since I don’t see them often.  Can’t wait to do a little research!

I Want Dividend – 290.10 (Euro) – I see you over there, collecting dividends from Simon Property Group (SPG), whom is scooping up their own slew of bankrupt retailers.  I believe they are buying from bankruptcy the likes of Brooks Brothers, Lucky Brands and potentially JC Penney.  WOW.  Cannot wait to see what that entity becomes!  Sounds like it could be a new VF Corp (VFC), eh?

More Dividends – $93.48 – Nice dividend from another aristocrat of Cardinal Health (CAH).  We don’t see them too often and their share price appears to not move much.  They keep growing that dividend, luckily.  Congrats!

The Dividend Guy Blog – $71.69 – It’s okay for the slight decrease, it’s all because of Disney (DIS).  We’ll see when that dividend comes back, to which I am giving it Q3 2021.  I love the Andrew Peller purchase, wine/alcohol do well during these times!

Chicken Wizard – $1,098.75 – Yes, that White Horse Finance (WFH) dividend is HUGE!  I see you own the big Columbus, Ohio based bank in Huntington (HBAN).  They should do well and continue to do well.  Further, they are growing like crazy and had once acquired one of my first banks I ever had an account with – FirstMerit!  Keep it up CW, financial freedom baby!

Our Life Financial – $823.23 – I love the big Canadian entities that you have in your portfolio.  Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and Bell (BCE).  Two iconic dividend payers, that I hope everyone takes a look at and pays attention to.  So close to $1,000.  Next July, you’re there.  I expect nothing less!

Dividend Brothers – $42.50 – Though you suffered a 21% decrease in dividends, you are not alone.  Diversification will help and I see that you have that and will continue to bolster your position, such as Cisco (CSCO).  You’ll be back to positive, stay the course!

Investing Pursuits – $541.62 – So awesome, great results and you crossed $500!  In addition, you have a lot of great companies in Shaw Communications and Telus.  12 companies paid you as well!  I hope the community reads this – to show that diversification is key!  Therefore, you don’t bare the brunt of one company at a large % to your portfolio.  Keep it up IP!

Engineering Dividends – $756.50 –  The dividends continue to roll in for ED.  That Altria dividend is closing in on the triple-digit mark!  ED posted a strong 21% dividend growth rate. The growth was due to new dividends received from companies like CSCO and ADP.  Some great, high quality dividend growth stocks!

Young Dividend – $2,247.73 – Holy Tobacco YD. You received over $1,000 from the two large tobacco companies (MO and PM). Those companies pay some juicy dividends with some nice dividend growth, which is why we pitted them against one another in our Battle Royale series!

Tic Toc LIfe – $198.47 – Nice job and love the chart you have on your website.  If there are any bloggers that want to take a look, you may benefit significantly from reviewing their chart, to show where your money goes, as well as where it comes in!

Div Hut – $1,044.73 – A nice increase of 14% from the prior year is nothing to scoff at.  During uncertain times, COVID-19, shutdowns, dividend cuts, etc.. having an increase year, over year, is amazing.  Div Hut – thank you for sharing, 4 digits is HUGE in July and we are excited for where your portfolio is going!

Dividend Gremlin – $150.28 – Nice work, collecting the triple digits!  Furthermore, you experienced 3 dividend increases, such as Medtronic (MDT) and Realty Income (O).  Congrats DG, upward and onward!

Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Girl – $688.79 – $80 higher than last year, progress!  I like the healthycare you have, such as Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and the consumer giant (especially during these times) Kimberly Clark (KMB).  $1k next time!

Matt Fanning – $273.99 – Though there is no site, you submitted a request to be featured through Twitter here on the article.  $274 in dividend income is huge and is a great figure for July.  Not sure what specifically makes this up, but we thank you for sharing.

More Money Guru – $3,191.24 – I love that your plan is to receive and reinvest your dividends continuing to just roll along.  Very impressive and I know freedom would be my middle name with this type of dividend income.  Inspiring and thank you!

Capturando Dividendos – $1,013.22 – I see that Simon Property Group (SPG) is providing a nice dividend.  I’d also like to see Nike (NKE) give a little bit more back, by way of dividends.  The growth you have going is phenomenal.  Goes to show that investing consistently allows that to happen.  Congrats on another 4-digit month!

Dividend Income Stocks – $414.29 – Dividend Income Stocks dividned income continues to grow. The 18% annual growth rate continues to highlight the amazing growth and progress you are making. Gotta love those YouTube earnings as well!

Dividends Are Coming – 290.76 (Euros) – 15 companies paid DAC a dividend in July. The largest was from Moury Construct, which accounted for half of DAC’s dividend. Gotta love the three digit dividend right there.

All About the Dividends – $870.34 – The post has our three favorite words…A NEW REORD! Congrats on an awesome new month Matthewe and continuing to push the bar higher.

DGI for the DIY – $148.85 – Absolutely love the blog name! This is DGI’s first time in the income article. Welcome to the club! Despite dividend cuts and selling out of positions that paid in July, you were still able to post some strong wins for the month. Enjoy the Walgreens and Altria dividend increases!

Dividend Driven – $731.21 – As always, love the interactive dividend income summary! By far the most unique of the dividend summaries. However, it still shows the results of hard work and consistent investing.

Time in the Market – $275.18 – Armed with a nice travel refund, TITM is ready to go and achieved a HUGE savings rate in July. Get ready to invest those refunds into some nice, dividend growth stocks!

Dividend Growth Journey – $542 – Make usre you are seated here. DGJ’s dividend income increased 118% compared to last year. That growth is huge, especially in this environment. Keep the capital flowing and the dividend income increasing.

A Dividend Dream! – 46 (Euro) – Ignore the massive dividend cut from Brink, ADD. The rest of the companies continue to show the power of dividend investing and the benefits of this investing strategy. Stay focused and keep on building.

Total:  51 Bloggers Received $35,733.80 in Dividends in July (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $701.45 in dividend income this month!  We also added 1 more bloggers to this article compared to last month. For the second consecutive month, we crossed 50 bloggers!  Is this the first time we showcased 51 passive income streams?!  It is nice to see some improvement there. Like some of the bloggers in the article, we continue to set records and raise the bar!

Similarly, the crazy stock market continues to rage on. Despite the fact we are still going through a Pandemic, the stock market continues to reach all time highs. Further, we still continue to receive dividend cuts from companies. Two of the major recent dividend cuts we received were Dominion Energy (Lanny and Bert) and BP (Bert only). To help navigate these tough investing waters, we thought we would share some of our articles to help weather the storm and find ways to continue putting your hard earned cash to work.

As 2020 continues to fly by, it is time to focus and continue pushing ourselves harder than ever.  Increasing your income, and reaching financial freedom, is as important as ever.  Therefore, let’s continue to save every dollar possible, slash expenses, and do whatever it takes to reach this coveted end game.

We always preach the importance of remaining consistent, hard work, and investing as much of our income as possible over the years. The saying goes “It is about time in the market, not timing the market.”  We truly believe that dividend income is the easiest source of passive income (Read our 5 Reason Why) and will always preach the importance of growing your passive income.  If you are not sure where to invest your cash, we also have you covered with the following articles:

Now that you are motivated and armed with plenty of resources to save an invest, it is time to TAKE ACTION.  Let’s get back to work and find some undervalued dividend growth stocks to invest in.  Let’s keep that dividend income stream flowing!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

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