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Dividend cuts have, “slowed” in a way, as stay at home orders have been lifted and businesses are making their comeback.  However, there is political tension and protests ongoing, as well as concerns over additional spikes in COVID-19 cases.  Last, but not least, unemployment numbers are expected to produce a 15% unemployment rate for June.

Guess what doesn’t change, YOU the dividend investing community and the dividend income YOU are receiving!

dividend income from YOU the bloggers!

Despite all of the volatility & uncertainty, we have found 42 reasons to smile and remain optimistic.  Each month we compile a list of dividend income summaries from around the dividend investing community.  The news and noise is turned down, it’s time to celebrate 42 individuals achievements in the dividend income category

Here is the May 2020 installment of the dividend income from YOU the bloggers series. Let’s stay positive, focused, and most importantly, motivated to reach financial freedom!

A Frugal Family Journey – $181.55 – The dividends continue to flow for AFFJ and three companies powered this frugal family to a strong month of June.  Love that T and KMI dividend!

Desidividend – $553.79 – Desi’s income grew over nearly $200 from last year.  Now that is one strong growth rate right there Desi. Further, over $100 from AT&T. That’s well over 3 shares via dividend reinvestment as well. Maginificent.

Dividend Seedling – $44.02 –  The dividend seedling continues to grow. You’re going to crush your goal of crossing $50 in an “off” dividend month. Our hunch is that it is going to come in August. Let’s make it happen DS.

Dividend Portfolio – $2.23 – 7 companies paid you dividends DP.  You said it best in your article, time, patience, and consistency are key to building your dividend income stream. Keep plugging away and rebuilding.

Dividend Growth Engine – 29.55 (Euros) –  This was a good news, bad news month for DGE.  DGE posted a strong growth rate from last year; however, two of the companies that paid a dividend in May subsequently suspended their dividend. The dividend cuts are brutal, but don’t worry, you’ll love the boost you will receive when the dividends come roaring back.

A Dividend Dream – 94 (Euros) –  ADD had a slight decrease compared to last year due to a dividend cut. Outside of the cut, the dividend growth from the 5 other companies was promising.

Dividend Income Stocks – $361.70 –  Still, despite a few dividend cuts, you were able to post a 7% dividend increase.  Not a bad result right there.

Fiscal Voyage – $1,228.12 –  Felix, man. The Youtube machine!  Keep the momentum and strong results rolling.  That growth rate….freaking amazing!

Dividends Down Under – $705.50 –  What’s that? A 96% dividend increase. Incredible. Love that you are not DRIPing the WHSP dividend to fuel future purchases. It’ll help diversify your dividend portfolio.

Money Maaster – $535.73 –  Jordan just finished some nice renovations on his cabin and collected some mad dividends along the way.  Get ready for that crazy month of dividends in June.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Kody’s Dividend – $86.62 – Kody had an impressive feat, earning the exact same amount of dividend income in May and February. I don’t think I have ever seen back to back quarters with the exact same amount before!

Wallet Squirrel – $61.20 –  This blog is looking great and we love the layout of the blog.  Their income continues to grow and the best part is all the blog income is investing into dividend growth stocks.

Pollies Dividend – $271.51 – Pollies continues to show great progress in the freedom progress. It was a decrease compared to last year; however, if mutual funds are removed, you will actually find an increase for Pollie!

Dividends Are Coming – 260.79 (Euros) –  The dividends are truly coming.  That Warehouses de Pauw dividend was not a joke DAC!

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $1,762.64 – Holy Canadian Banks MRWF. Those were some intense dividend payouts from Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank.  We own Canadian Imperial, but not those two.

The Dividend Swan – $145.84 – The Dividend Swan has put together quite the diversified portfolio. 22 companies paid Swan a dividend in May, all of which were great names. Keep the income growing Swan.

Dividend Dozer – $99.16 – Oh so close to the $100 mark. Curses to Disney for suspending their dividend this payment. Don’t worry, when it returns, you’ll blow past $100. Honestly, DRIP alone will put you over next quarter.

Investing Pursuits – $269.45 –  The dividend cut bug hit Investing Pursuits hard this month, decreasing the income by 16% compared to last year. Still, despite the cuts, IP produced a strong dividend income total in May.

Tawcan – $1,850.04 –  Bob’s dividend income continues to impress! The highlight of the article though, isn’t the nearly $2k in dividend income received. It is the AWESOME photography from his and his wife’s 24X24 photo marathon.

Dividend Quest – $726.32 –  The quest for financial freedom continues with another stellar May. Quest’s month was just above the portfolio’s average monthly dividend income. Pretty great for an “Off month,” right?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All About the Dividends – $540.21 – Matthew, man, you continue to crush it!  Congrats on crossing the big $500 milestone in the second month of the quarter. Excellent stuff!

More Dividends – $476.56 –  More Dividends is back baby after taking a month off from the dividend income summaries. Don’t think we missed the fact that we couldn’t include you in the April summary,

Passive Canadian Income – $311.53 –  PCI continues to crush it in 2020.  Reading about the solar income is the best treat each month too. Enjoy the new dividends from Johnson and Johnson. Gotta love the Top 5 Foundation Stock!

My Financial Shape – 1,919 (Swiss Francs) – Now this is a strong month for MFS! This converts to over $2k in USD. Holy freaking cow. That’s how you take care of business right there.

The Dividend Pig – $1,474.24 – Blake delivered a much needed, positive monthly summary! Strong dividend income, strong growth, and strong dividend increases! Now that is a formula for success Blake!

Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy Girl – $684.15 – A lot of companies paid HHW dividends in May. Looking at the list dividend payers, there were some heavyweight dividend stocks!

Engineering Dividends – $810.36 – WOW, still able to show growth and you are so close to $1k in an off month.  The triple digit dividends from Procter Gamble (PG) and AbbVie (ABBV) are impressive.  Love that dividend reinvestment!

Dividend Hawk – $3,802.60 – Unbelievable.  You absolutely dominated this month Hawk.  Even though annual payments you receive were paid in May, it doesn’t matter.  Those are incredible dividends!  You are showcasing to the blogging community that dividend investing and consistently being in the stock market works.  Thank you for the motivation.

More Money Guru – $2,579.03 – So many dividends, just insane.  Also, excited to hear your take on dividend reinvestment, as your post shows that you don’t DRIP currently, but let it go to cash.  Keep it up, you’re blazing trails.

Engineer My Freedom – $131.43 – Cracking 3 digits is HUGE, congratulations. Further, your portfolio appears to be rock solid.  I believe Hasbro (HAS) is the only one where I’d like to see how they pivoted during the crisis.  Did they do better, did they create video games?  Keep at it EMF!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Dividend Guy Blog – $363.32 – Speaking of Hasbro, I see DGB also has them in their portfolio.  I love that Texas Instruments (TXN) Dividend, just so strong at over $40+.  Can’t wait to see us get through 2020, with hopefully no more cuts!

Broke Investor – $96.49 – 3 dividend aristocrats (who doesn’t love them?), with CVS Pharmacy (CVS) on top.  I am also waiting on a future dividend increase from CVS. If the global pandemic never occurred, I thought we would have seen one in the 4th quarter of 2020.  Now, I have no expectations.  Let’s wait and see!

Divcome – $353.79 – I see the Ally dividend you received.  Do you also use their platform?  That is where my main savings and investing accounts are, they are one of the products listed on our Freedom Products page. Lastly, nice Caterpillar (CAT) dividend, wish we had that dividend increase this year, though!

Get Rich Brothers – $82.94 – I think you’ll be VERY happy with that Mastercard (MA) investment, as dividend growth should be insanely strong going forward.  Also, you’ll be hitting $100+ across all months in no time.

Dividend Earner – $2,395 – Seriously, how many $2K+ monthly dividend income earners were there this month?! Talk about a wild month.  Nice job and a true inspiration to us all.  Another proof in the pudding blogger here, with Dividend Earner.  Let’s strive to be great!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $3.10 – It isn’t often, if ever, where I can say that I earned more dividend income than Mr. Tako!  Don’t worry this is just an anomaly, since most of his investments stem from quarter ends, especially December.  Can’t wait to see your results for June Mr. Tako!

Compounding Norseman – $104 – Nice job!  You crossed the triple digits and I hope you get to stay there.  I see you sneaking in Realty Income (O) and I hope you enjoyed that dividend increase!

Capturando Dividendos – $827.02 – I see you own WestRock (WRK) and earned over $13.  I am hoping that they bounce back with other companies and really surge that dividend back to normalized levels.  Keep it up CD, $1k is within grasps!

Chicken Wizard – $798.80 – I thought I had a large AT&T (T) dividend, but wow, nice work pulling in over $160+.  On top of that, Omega (OHI) puts everything over the top, with another triple digit dividend.  CW, you are killing it and love that dividend income stream.

Reverse the Crush – $41.62 – A 51% dividend growth rate is awesome, let’s see you hit 100% next May.  I wonder how Altria (MO) will perform for the remainder of the year and what type of dividend growth they’ll have in store for us soon.

Dividend Brothers – $26.23 –  The dividend cut bug hit dividend brothers, as they logged their lowest month of the year. Still, with the cuts, the Brothers logged a nice increase compared to last year.

Dividend Cultivator – $1,582.57 –  Cultivator flexed some serious muscles here in the month of May, turning the concept of  an “off” month completely upside down!

Total:  42 Bloggers Received $28,673.75 in Dividends in May (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $683 in dividend income this month!  We have 1 more added to this article, than last month, love the improvement there.  Similarly, since we are still going through the Pandemic, we thought we could share our articles that relate to weathering the storm still, including the coronavirus dividend cuts Lanny has received to the list:

Where do we go from here?  That’s easy.  Let’s keep pushing to make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT.  As the Stay at Home Orders are almost 100% lifted, make sure you are ready to make investment opportunities as they arise and clarity comes to businesses financial statements.

If you have read the above articles and you’re still short on ways to accomplish this…don’t worry, we have you covered.  If you’re looking to reduce expenses and find new ways to save, look no further than Lanny’s 5 ways to save $500 TODAY.  Want to turn receipts into cash or earn stock with each purchase, look at the various apps on our financial freedom products page.

Now, take your savings and find undervalued, dividend stocks to invest in.  Keep that dividend income stream growing. If you’re also looking to casually see what stocks we own, we openly share our dividend portfolios.

Stay focused, hungry and consistent out there.

Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

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