Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – October 2020

october dividend income

The path to financial freedom is a sweet one.  Now that the Presidential Election is over, the stock market has surged to record prices, yet again.  There are stocks to buy, still, out there and dividends to be received.  The music never stops on the dividend income train.

That is exactly what this community did in October 2020.  The dividend income bloggers from around the world demonstrated, yet again, that the passive income source from dividends is a viable path to financial freedom.

Records were set and dividend growth is occurring right before our eyes.  Therefore, without further ado, we proudly present to you, Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – October 2020 style.

My Dividend Dynasty – $697.18 – WOW!  Talk about insane levels of dividend income right there.  5+ dividend aristocrats and your dividend income is growing.  Talk about a growing passive income stream.  Investing in dividend stocks is proving to be a reliable source of dividend income, that’s for sure!  Heck – I even call it the best passive income source there is!

A Dividend Dream – $59 – Boom! A 23% dividend increase from last year AND you have many dividend aristocrats, such as Coke (KO) and Realty Income (O).  Heck – we even talk about how great Realty Income is – as it allows you to be a landlord without… being a landlord, quick shot to the video is below!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $254.75 – I see Cardinal Health (CAH) paying you a dividend, another great dividend aristocrat.  That’s what it’s all about.  Owning high quality, dividend paying and growing companies!

DivHut – $1,092.76 – A 2% increase is an increase, nonetheless.  I see big tobacco played a HUGE part, at 40% of that number between Philip Morris (PM) and Altria (MO).  We loved putting the two big dividend growth stocks head to head.  Definitely an industry with two companies to look at!

Dividend Quest – $698.53 – Almost $700 in dividend income is a hard feat.  I know next year you can do it.  Just stay consistent, continue to save, invest and grow that dividend income portfolio.  The stock market shows abnormal valuations, but you can find undervaluation out there!

Passive Canadian Income – $660.17 – Raining dividends PCI! That Restaurant Brands International (QSR) is awesome, that dividend is huge for a lower yielder.  The big company has Burger King, Popeyes and Tim Horton’s.  We put them up against McDonald’s a few weeks ago.  I like McDonald’s (MCD) still, though!

Dividends & Hobbies – $726.77 – There we go!  Crossing $700 and a 10% increase from prior year.  I see you have Iron Mountain (IRM), the blistering high yielder, who was supposed to increase their dividend this past month, but they actually have kept it the same.  I can’t blame them during the global pandemic.

Dividend Dozer – $102.70 – Nice job growing your income, year over year, and collecting from many dividend aristocrats.  Happy to see you own Cincinnati Financial (CINF), as Bert also was acquiring many shares in his dividend portfolio as well.  Keep that dividend income stream growing!

Dividend Hawk – $2,366.78 – WOW!  The big kahuna here.  Over $2k and that’s surely a path to financial freedom, no doubt in my mind.  The list of dividend stocks that you own is impressive.  Truly showing how this can be the best path to financial freedom from this passive income source.  Big companies are paying you such as Pepsi (PEP), Coke (KO), Kimberly Clark (KMB) and the list goes on.

Reverse the Crush – $40.65 – I absolute love your info graph in your headline for the article!  I also received a generous dividend, as you saw in my dividend income article, from Canadian Imperial (CM).  There is a lot to be said about this beloved Canadian Bank.  The big 6 Canadian Banks are surely prevalent in every investor’s portfolio, due to their sound financials, consistent dividend growth and track record of paying dividends.  I want to see $100 for this month next year RTC!  That’s a challenge!

Kody’s Dividend – $75.72 – Almost to $100 – love that goal and we also came out with a video on 6 Dividend Stocks to Buy to Generate $100 in forward dividend income.  I see you use Robinhood and M1 Finance – any reason why you have both?  Also – Let’s see you cross $100 next year like my challenge to RTC!  Let’s get it.

Divicents – $2,188.34 – Goodness.  Another $2ker here.  Nice work and earning, on average, over $100/company is awesome.  Sounds like you just let the dividend snowball do it’s magic, and the magic is definitely in full force for you. Congrats!

Stalflare – 644 (Euro) – Another strong month for Stalflare.  You’ll hit dividend growth hopefully before the year’s over.  We don’t have a crystal ball, but it appears the dividend cuts are behind us for the most part.

My Road to Wealth & Freedom – $3,127.73 – My, oh my.  That’s financial freedom money, folks. That’s the proof!  All from big Canadian dividend payers, such as Telus, TD Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia and more.  In fact, dividend income is just a slice of his passive income total.  Congrats sir, you are killing it!

Wallet Squirrel – $50.44 – There we go.  3 solid dividend companies paying you dividends, loving it.  I also own a ton of Cisco (CSCO) and of course – I cannot forget about the Realty Income (O).  Again – great layout and wonderful blog and article!

Engineering Dividends – $784.71 – RPM International (RPM) is where it is at!  Love the company and the fact they are Ohio based, right here in Medina.  In fact, my brother doesn’t live too far from them.  A 27% dividend growth rate from prior year to now is sweet, too.  Keep this up, engineering your way to financial freedom will be your new moniker.

Mr. Tako Escapes –   $704.63 – Love that $700 is just a soft month!  Wow, cannot wait to be able to think $700 isn’t anything.  Can’t wait to see you over 4 digits+ per month, even though I know it doesn’t matter, as the total dividends in a given year matter.  Keep inspiring Mr. Tako!

Chicken Wizard’s DivBlog – $689.99 – I am sure it was hard letting Whitehorse Finance (WFH) go and that dividend income stream.  Sometimes the risk is too high for not a a significantly greater reward.  I am sure many investors feel like that during this global pandemic, with the uncertainty.  It’s funny, every time I see you mention Whitehorse Finance, I can’t help but think of Workhorse (WKHS), as so many YouTubers and Bloggers continue to talk about them.  Keep the positive vibes going!

Time in the Market – $254.59 – Dividend Reinvestment, as you stated in your article is key.  We preach it and love it.  That’s one of the magic compounding factors of being a dividend investor.  For a break in this article, the video is here below for dividend reinvestment:

Another Loonie – $112 – Welcome to the post Another Loonie! We are excited to have you. After purchasing $13,000 in ETFs during the month, you better believe your dividend income is going to grow. That December dividend is going to be EPIC!

Root of Good – $1,592 –  This early retiree continues to deliver strong dividend income totals. Nearly $1,600 in an “off” month is absolutely insane!

Simple Dividend Growth – $3,520.16 – WOW! SDG delivers a knockout punch right here. The 9% dividend growth rate earned is very impressive given the high baseline from last year. Further, enjoy that $750+ PPL dividend!

Divs4Jesus – $737.43 – A 656% year over year dividend increase. You read that right! Div4Jesus’ dividend income great by an INSANE clip compared to last year.  The increase was ue mostly to a timing difference, as their VALE dividend paid in October versus September.

Engineer My Freedom – $99.16 – Oh so close to joining the 3 digit club this month. There were so many great, new dividend stocks that paid you this month compared to October 2019. Things are definitely moving in the right direction!

Dividend Driven – $887.76 –  The income continues to grow, and grow, and grow for Driven. Love all of the charts and infographics in your dividend income summary! Fantastic stuff DD.

Dividend Growth Journey – $521.74 – 15 excellent dividend stocks paid DGJ a dividend in October. Ladder Capital and Altria Group led the charge for DGJ.  Each of the companies paid over $150 in dividends during the month. SICK!

Investing Pursuits – $630.75 – The dividends continue to roll, and chug along for Investing Pursuits. The Canadian Banks stole the show here, with Canadian Bank paying a HUGE dividend to IP. Gotta love those Canadian Banks and their strong dividend histories.

Divcome – $219.89 – This is a huge month for Divcome.  This was a fantastic 20% year over year increase.  Some names that jumped out to me were O, BNS, and CSCO. Gotta love the Monthly Dividend Paying Company and one of our favorite tech companies (of late).

More Money Guru – $3,175.95 – Holy freaking cow MMG. That is some INSANE dividend income right there. Buying ABBV is awesome in intself. However, buying ABBV with a cost basis of $86/share is looking PHENOMINAL!

Our Life Financial – $904.62 –  Our Life Financial has a unique trend in the community. OLF’s largest dividend paying month is the first month of the quarter! Tell me how many bloggers you know that can say that?! I can count them on one hand.

Legend of Income – $157.66 – This dividend income is LEGENDARY, that’s for sure.  Twenty two dividend checks hit LOI’s account during October. The largest was Altria Group. Man, Altria is making a lot of appearances on this list.

Dividend Portfolio – $11.46 – Dividend Portfolio’s dividend growth story is starting to turn once again.  Finally, after selling the portfolio in October 2019 and starting to rebuild again, your dividend income growth is positive. Compared to last year, your income grew over 300%! Keep on pushing DP.

Desidividend – $416.47 –  Your dividend income continues to grow. I love seeing the the slope on your monthly dividend growth chart.  Further, some great companies paid you some nice dividends in October. Don’t worry, we saw that nice Fundrise dividend sneak into your chart as well!

Get Rich Brothers – 668.33 (CAD) – Way to be Get Rich Brothers. For yet another blogger,  the Canadian Banks came in the clutch. TD, BNS, and CM all contributed to this great monthly dividend income total. Man, the Canadian Banks are just AWESOME.

Tic Toc Life – $198.65 – You are not messing around wit this TTL. Seagate crushed it for you, providing one large dividend.  What I love most is that you have such a diverse portfolio of income streams. Those eBay sales are impressive!

Toms Dividends – 39.25 (Euro) – Solid for an off-month.  Again, coming in hot from Instagram (feel free to follow us there, for instant dividend news!).  Congrats on the dividend income month Tom!

Dividend Income Stocks – $434.91 – Boom.  Almost $500 in an off-month and a 4.36% growth from prior year.  Incredible job and keep it up!

Dividend Seedling – $11.13 – Though it’s “only” $11.13, you earned that from a few dividend aristocrats and soon to be dividend aristocrats.  Time to keep building that Realty Income (O), love that monthly dividend stock!

The Dividend Guy Blog – $68.36 – Hey, it may only be $11 higher than last year, but that is almost 20%!  Further, dividend growth is dividend growth.  I love that your article also preaches to not time the market and it is better to have time IN the market!  Keep it going!

Money Maaster – $1,195.64 – This is a cool statistic cited by Jordan. This was the 5th time he crossed $1,000 per month in dividend income. With December, the largest dividend paying month, around the corner, it looks like he will cross the hearlded mark for at least 50% of the months in 2020.

Dividend Earner – $1,475 – Dividend Earner slices and dices the portfolio, and dividend income, in many different ways. Love seeing the split between yield categories and your sector breakdowns. The financial sector is a major component, that’s for sure!

Journey to Total Freedom – $466.62 – This is a fantastic personal income statement. JTF’s savings rate was over 61% for the month. It is cool to see JTF embrace the transition from high yield, low dividend growth stocks to lower yielding stocks with a higher growth rate.

Passive Income Pursuit – $680.83 –  JC, that is one mighty fine list of dividend growth stocks that paid you a dividend. Altria, Coke, TD, BNS, Realty Income, and so on. Man, any dividend investor would be pumped up with that portfolio!

Broke Investor – $50.51 – Crossing $50 in a month is HUGE for Broke Investor. That new dividends from UGI and Altria Group provided a huge boost to your dividend income total.  Keep on pushing this forward.

P2035 – $62 – This was the best growth rate to report. P2035 received NO DIVIDENDS in 2019. In 2020, P2035 received $62 from four new companies. That’s how you jumpstart your passive income right there. Fantastic stuff!

All About the Dividends – $950.48 –  Knocking on the doorstep of the four digit club in an “off month.”  That is some impressive stuff Matthew. To top it off, you had a 45% year over year annual growth rate as well. Magnificent.

The Dividend Pig – $1,055.86 – This was a very balanced dividend report Pig. Some fantastic dividend stocks paid you dividends here. Loved that you almost received $100 from Genuine Parts Company too. That Dividend King is one of the best out there with a very long dividend increase streak.

Tawcan – $2,735.48 –  AN ALL TIME RECORD IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER! Wow. Sorry, that statement deserved all capital letters. Bob continues to push hard and watch his dividend income grow accordingly. Congrats again on the record.

A Dividend Dream! – $59 –  Excellent job adding Cisco to your portfolio. That is a position we have been adding to heavily in our dividend stock portfolios as well. It was definitely nice seeing that dividend hit our accounts as well.

Capturnado Dividends – $1,059.53 – Holy Altria Group! Receiving over $300+ per month from that company is INSANE.  You probably almost DRIP’d 8 shares of the company last month. Think about how much forward income that added alone.

Dividends Down Under – $2,188.88 – This is the major dividend payment month for DDU. Boy oh boy did your dividend income not disappoint. Those were some huge dividends from your funds.  It helped you achieve our two favorite words: NEW RECORD!

Finance Journey – $1,412.85 – This was a big month for Finance Journey.  The dividends received in October pushed FJ over the $10,000 dividends received mark!  Like so many bloggers on this list, Canadian Bank stocks and AT&T led the charge.

My Financial Shape – $389 – Ah nice dividend from Porsche, eh? That is definitely the first time we have seen that company pop up in a dividend income summary. MFS also received $150 in additional, non dividend income from Peer to Peer lending sources!

Financially Free in 10 Years – 96.15 (Euros) – We have very strong 38% dividend increase compared to last year.  The charge was led by Iron Mountain, with a nearly 27 Euro dividend payment. There were plenty of other great dividend stocks that paid Mr. Robot as well!

Divgro – $1,711 –  Ferdi received dividends from some excellent dividend stocks this month. On top of it, 8 companies announced dividend increases that added over $180 in dividend income to Ferdi’s portfolio!

Aim for Your FIRE – $21.35 – Welcome to the list AIM!  I see we share the same names of Cisco (CSCO), Realty Income (O) and my wife owns Coke (KO).  Keep stacking, so many dividend payers that you have producing you $21.35 – DRIP and dividend increases will do wonders!

Total:  56 Bloggers Received $45,099 in Dividends in October (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $805 in dividend income this month! That is how you start off the fourth quarter in style.  We also added 2 more bloggers to this month’s article compared to September 2020.

Dividend income is the name of the game. The goal is to buy income producing assets that will increase your passive income. That, our firends, is the foundation that allows you to achieve financial freedom.

Seeing such strong growth and progress is motivating for us. We love reading each story and seeing strong dividend growth rates and new personal records. The community continues to push itself and do what it takes to reach freedom. Trust us, we are taking note and stealing some of your tips and tricks.

It will be very interesting to see the November and December results now that DIVIDENDS ARE BACK. Yes, you read that correctly. Company’s that had suspended their dividend or passed on an increase earlier in the year are suddenly doing so once again. Trust us, the announced dividend increases are not disappointing!

We always preach the importance of remaining consistent and investing as much of our income as possible over the years. The saying goes “It is about time in the market, not timing the market.”  We truly believe that dividend income is the easiest source of passive income (Read our 5 Reason Why). Therefore, let’s continue to save every dollar possible, cut expenses, and do whatever it takes to reach this coveted end game.

If you are not sure where to invest your cash, we also have you covered with the following articles:

Now that you are motivated and armed with plenty of resources to save and invest, lets TAKE ACTION.  Time to find some undervalued dividend growth stocks to invest in.  Let’s keep that dividend income stream flowing!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

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