Does Solar Power in Minnesota Work?

How does solar power in Minnesota work?  Solar panel installations in Minnesota are surprisingly effective.  In spite of the northern location, Minnesota gets plenty of sun, and solar panels work in different weather.  Say your property has an area without obstructions like big shady trees or tall buildings. You could still get enough sun to run an entire home or at least reduce your electric bills significantly, even in winter.  As a year round reliable power source, solar energy is becoming super popular.  Solar power is quiet, low cost, efficient and a renewable energy source. 

Solar Installation Cost

How long it takes to recoup the installation expense fluctuates greatly because the cost factors vary.  For instance, there is up to 26% federal invest tax credit on professional solar installation.  The cost of materials went down, but labor will rise. The amount of your tax credit is also affected by the amount of taxes owed in the year you claim your solar credit.  Ignoring any potential credit, the payback period – savings on your current electricity costs – would be around ten years. Within 20 years of installation, sans any incentive program, your savings could be over $25,000.  Federal credits plus Xcel Energy Solar*Rewards or the SolarSense program can reduce that period to around 8 years.  Since SolarSense dollars are limited, make sure to join early to join the program. Talk to Randy at Renewable Solar Resources to learn more. 

How Solar Power Works on the Grid.

In summer, longer, sunnier days allow residential installments of solar panels to overproduce electrical power that the home can use.  That excess power can be either stored in your solar power battery or it can be returned to the grid for compensation.  Later, when or if you need that power you can buy it back.  Your solar energy system is producing electricity for your use now and after hours. 

How it Works Off the Grid. 

A power storage device, or battery, is critical for those who do not want to remain on the grid.  More solar power in Minnesota is still generated on those long sunny summer days, but the current then flows to the battery to be stored.  When you need power after the sun goes down, your system will draw from your solar power storage, inverting to normal household current before use.  While both households need to be energy efficient, a home off the grid will only have access to the power it generates.

The Right Installation Company

A Minnesota family run firm, Renewable Solar Resources, has spent years working to support the transition to clean solar power in Minnesota through systems on residential and commercial properties.  Renewable Solar Resources believes in a clean energy future and has found solar to be an incredibly reliable energy source even in the north.  Solar panels, inverters and solar storage have continued to become ever more efficient, making solar an incredibly affordable option for renewable energy of today and the future.