Fall is here, in northern Ohio.  Sure, officially, fall begins on September 22, but leaves are dropping in droves, the geese have taken flight and the hardy mum blooms are suddenly everywhere.   Most homeowners are gearing up for the winter, checking furnace filters, putting up storm windows, where your window screens were, etc.  That’s good, but your lawn needs some fall time love too. 

That beautiful green happens with carefully considered lawncare.  Greensman can do all of this for you, probably at prices barely over what it would cost to DIY it, but either way, there are steps that ideally are handled at this time of year to make or keep your lawn healthy.

  • Aeration.   We have discussed this procedure before.  If you don’t aerate your lawn, the soil can become compacted.  That stresses the types of grass you want, inhibits deeper root growth and allows weeds and bentgrass to take over.  Aeration of compacted soil allows for the normal respiration cycle of a lawn, opening up the soil to send more oxygen to the root area of the plant. 
  • Over seeding.  His process spreads grass seed over an existing lawn.  As grasses mature it is normal to see some thinning.  Adding robust, strong grasses can fill in thin areas giving your lawn a rich full look, without having to start over from scratch. 
  • Slice Seeding.  Sometimes your lawn develops brown or thin patches, between healthy thick green lawn areas.  A slice seeder machine cuts grooves into the soil, while simultaneously inserting seed below the surface.  Unlike aeration, slice seeding is used on lawns with lots of bare areas or sections of grass that are not doing well. 
  • Grading and seeding. Sometimes your lawn needs a restart.  When you cannot save the grass on your lawn, your best option could be grading and seeding.  This method uses an herbicide treatment over the entire lawn to kill existing plants first.  We bring in equipment to break up the lawn areas and rake off the debris.  Soil is then often added to the lawn, depending on the lawn needs, and a seed mixture with seeds, fertilizer are applied with a limestone application.  The graded, seeded area will then be covered by matting, mulch or straw to reduce erosion and bird theft of seeds, and to promote better germination.  This treatment must be followed by watering the lawn until the seeds have germinated.
  • Sodding. When you need immediate results, Greensman can install sod.  New sod allows for a new lawn from the start.  It will cost more than treating the law you have, but sometimes your old lawn is either not healthy enough or just the wrong grass to survive in harsh northern Ohio weather.  The great thing about sod, is that it can be installed anytime of the year.  Sodding gives you a fully mature lawn from the start.  It does need to be watered between 2 to 4 hours a day, four to five times a week to keep it alive until it is established.
  • Topdressing.  The results of any of these treatments can be enhanced by topdressing.  Topdressing is the application of a soil and compost mixture to the surface of the lawn.  It improves soil conditions, microbial activity, lawn color and seed germination.  At first, it looks like dirt on top of your lawn, but as rain and irrigation settle the “dust” you will begin to see a drastically healthier lawn emerge. 

The best part of all of these steps, is that Greensman will handle all of the work for you.  This is what we do, with high quality treatments and techniques.  For an incredibly reasonable price, you can enjoy a gorgeous lawn, treated by trustworthy professionals with family and pet safe chemicals.  Get your fall lawncare quote at https://greensmanllc.com/contact-us/. You’re going to love your lawn.

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