Find Indepence with Walking Canes from Cane Masters

Today, with social distancing practices, you need a cane for walking that you can count on and you need the independence that can give you. 

Cane Masters Inc. has you covered.  Cane Masters walking canes are exquisitely crafted only in hardwoods.  These canes are constructed to support you, but can also act as a self-defense attack deterrent if needed.  Walking canes and walking sticks can give you mobility when a problem knee or hip might prevent you from your daily activities.  But today, your independence is more important than ever, especially when everyone is trying to practice safe social distancing.  Would your walking cane collapse, or crack when you put pressure on it?  Be sure.  Be safe.  Visit or call (800) 422-2263 to see the detailed work and Conscientious design that goes into a Cane Masters Walking cane.

While you are on the website, check out the virtual self defense Cane fu training videos offered by Grand Master Mark Shuey.  You can learn in the safety of your own home with DVD’s offered on the Cane Masters website.  If you have ever felt threatened when using your cane to walk in your neighborhood, Cane Masters Martial Arts Cane fu training program was developed with you in mind.  GM Shuey hated to see muggers and thugs targeting those with mobility challenges, so he designed a beautiful line of strong canes and then developed an entire self-defense system of martial arts using the cane.  Visit to find your hardwood cane and learn how to protect yourself, all from the security of your own home.