Host an Incredible Concert!

…And Spend less hosting it.

Thinking about hosting an incredible holiday festival this year?  If you’re worried about the immensity of the project, let me tell you a secret that can save hours of worry:

UltraTicket fully automates ticketing for your event.  With a click, concert goers can find and buy the tickets.  Guests can click to print, click to check in.  There are no ticketing fees.  Fully automated.  Your sales are 100% real time trackable and exportable.  That means you know whether you need more promotion or more seating, throughout the sales period.

By automating, you can eliminate the  middleman, keeping all of the ticketing fees to improve the venue or your bottom line or both.  And, you have branding control, so your event is the star.  You can create your amazing event.  UltraTicket can help you fill the seats at a higher margin to you.  Check us out at