IC Enhancement to HPLC

From research to manufacturing to legal, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is widely used as one of the most effective analytical techniques in the modern laboratory.  Unfortunately, inherent limitations – think ionic and polar compounds and organic acids – can make separation and detection tricky.  Additionally, some analytes including fluoride and chloride are not active in the UV range rendering a UV detector, commonly used with HPLC, less efficient.

Enter Ion chromatography (IC).  IC is ideal for the separation and detection of ions and polar molecules, regardless of whether they are organic or inorganic.  That makes IC the ideal extension of HPLC, as it enhances the analytical capabilities of the modern laboratory tremendously.

As a business, when you absolutely need to know, NSL Analytical Services Inc. uses the most advanced testing methodology to achieve precise results quickly. 

As a consumer, we want to know that the ingredients in the foods we eat, the components in the supplements and medicines we takes, are tested to the exacting methods like those used by NSL Analytical Services.  While there are many other product components that require this type of testing, especially now, we depend on safe food and medical supplies that can only be determined through analysis of components.