How MCA Saved the Holiday Sales Season

Rachel (not her real name) owns a children’s clothing store in New York.  In recent years Rachel has seen a growth in winter and spring sales, but last winter was the highest demand yet.  If Rachel wants to cash in on this growing trend, she will need inventory, but a few months ago, she had unexpected expenses when water damage meant repairs and lost sales. 

With the dip in income Rachel is concerned that she will not qualify for a traditional business loan, but she needs to stock up for winter and spring sales.  Rachel sought a Merchant Cash Advance, and within days, was approved and able to get her orders in for fresh merchandise.  Rachel will be ready this year before the skiing and holiday season begin.

Merchant Cash Advance can make the difference in your business’s growth.  If you have been in business a year or more, and have sales of $25,000 or more, can pair you to a cash advance expert to help you seize your opportunities.