Is a Cane a Medical Device?

Is a cane, a medical device?  According to the FDA: “When [a cane] is intended to affect the structure or a function of the body of man…and which does not achieve its primary intended purposes through chemical action within or on the body of man…” it may meet the criteria for being a medical device.  For centuries, canes have enhanced man’s mobility, aiding in balance and in movement, especially when someone’s strength is compromised.  Enter Cane Masters Inc.  Cane masters offers several lines of canes, each crafted in the USA.  More than a useful health device for those who are handicapped through loss of mobility or balance or both; Cane Masters Inc. offers wellness kits and virtual training to help customers regain some of their strength, wellness and confidence.  And there are no chemical side effects.  Wouldn’t you like to feel better and stronger again?  Visit Cane Masters and search “wellness” to find rehabilitation packages and manuals.  Search “Dojo” for information on training packages and Virtual Dojo options.