It’s World Population Day 2019

It’s World Population Day 2019.  Today, the UN is reminding us this is a day to look at issues and challenges created by the world population.  For 30 years, the UN has attempted to draw attention to the consequences of a growing population.  UN offers this year’s theme for contemplation:

  1. Focus on the consequences of increasing population and how it affects the overall development plans and programs
  2. The quicker depletion of natural resources  due to population growth.
  3. Effect of population growth on sustainable development
  4. An opportunity to celebrate a spirit of brotherhood – We’re in this together and have a responsibility to each other
  5. Learn how the UN’s Population Division works with agencies, programs, funds and others to  develop and execute programs on population.
  6. Though countries celebrate world population day differently, a favorite way is to conduct essay and sport concerts to create awareness.

So, think about ways to live sustainably, and remember the 3Rs: Reduce use, Re-use when possible, Recycle what’s left.