The Stay Home order is set to expire a week from now on May 18, and families are ready to get out to the playgrounds again.  Going to the parks and playgrounds is allowed under the state guidelines, but several local authorities decided to close play areas until further notice, so check your local rules.  In spite of balmier temperatures, playing at home might still be a the right choice.

With all the at-home time here’s some other reminders:   Minnesota smashed the precipitation record in 2019, after setting a record level in 2018.  You can make sure your home is prepared.  No matter what the weather is, a new shingle or metal roof from All Pro Xteriors Inc. gives your home protection from up to 110 mph winds once your shingles have achieved thermal sealing.  Your home is still your safety zone and we want to help keep it that way.  Call us at (952) 486-7834 to set up your free, no contact inspection for roof, siding, gutters and windows.