Large Manufacturing concerns may wonder if they are at a disadvantage based on today’s manufacturing trends of automation, automation, automation.  But manufacturing has been around for hundreds of years, and it has always found a way to adjust to market demands, and persevere, like it will now.  Innovations in machines and tooling will be the end response to environmental, regulatory, and economic changes, and Innovation is what makes money for manufacturers who can capitalize on it. 

Hole drilling is critical in most manufacturing industries, but especially automotive manufacturing.  With hundreds of holes required for each vehicle manufactured, how those holes will be produced becomes an ever more critical consideration.  And every moment a spindle is not drilling holes, and not evacuating chips or swarf, is money lost.  Tool automation and efficiency has become a paramount decision factor.

New turning and drilling machines with high speed tool changing capability are now available, but sometimes the super producer fixtures can become an automated phenomenon by retrofitting the automated controls and accessories.  Recently, manufacturer research found that by placing innovative tooling on older machines, you can improve manufacturing efficiency, increase profitability and enhance the older machine’s performance to that of a new machine.  The added bonus of this approach is that you are using your existing owned, fixed asset, and that the improvements can be integrated and retrofitted without shutting down the production in order to retool. 

Other improvements in drilling make manufacturing more efficient. 

For those who do need to upgrade, Zagar drill and tap feed units are fully programmable.  On the MQ150 for instance, any portion of stroke can be used for combinations of feed or rapid traverse.  This makes the Zagar MQ150  drill and tap machine ideal for drilling, peck drilling, tapping or process refinement.   It features an easy reconfiguration with different multi-heads or for single spindle operation.  With a wide range of standard and custom application, you can produce parts horizontally or vertically using standard components. 

The MQ150 SU also features a precision ground, pre-loaded, zero backlash and 5mm pitch ball screw assembly on the centerline of a hardened 55 mm diameter quill.  The quill feed is actuated on a center line spindle mount with a reversing brake motor enhances efficacy of tapping applications.  The lubrication system is sealed internally in grease packed bearings, but there is more.  The  HTD synchronous 8mm pitch, belt, spindle belt and pulleys are appealing features.  It includes a Zagar sub-base plate with keyway, but Barrell mounting bracket is optional and can be quoted upon request. 

The MQ150 SU has evolved, but one of the exceptional progressions is the Dual axis CNC control package.  For easy integration, this CNC uses universal commands, and features a standard 10.4 inch color display and operators’ panel.  Not to be overlooked are the two servo motors with absolute encoders for spindle and feed axis, and two service drives for the spindle and feed axis. 

Engineering new approaches to drilling, tapping, workholding and other manufacturing challenges is a specialty of Zagar.   We work with manufacturers every day to resolve challenges many face in this age, sometimes designing entirely new specialty machines to answer the demand today’s environment places on manufacturers around the world.  If you are reconfiguring your operation, or trying to work out your new tactics, try us, at (216) 731-0500 for resolutions for your production needs.