Like many others around the world, I have been doing a lot of reading lately.  Sometimes my eyes strain to see the information.  But what if I did not have glasses? 

The Lens of Glasses are a common product uses every day that are tested by laboratories like NSL Analytical.  Testing by NSL Analytical covers a broad range ophthalmic products, but I want to “focus”, if you will, on glasses, the lens worn outside your eyes that are widely available at a relatively low cost.  When a patient sees an eye doctor and gets a prescription for glasses, there are tons of options.  Instead of coke bottle glasses from years ago, todays glasses are visually appealing as well as vision enhancing.  Many glasses have an anti-reflective coating on them and are polymer lens, not glass, which means they need special coatings to make the lens more durable and scratch resistant. 

Amazingly, those coatings are incredibly effective at protecting the material of the glasses’ lens.  So, who makes that possible?

NSL Analytical Services includes a range of ophthalmic testing services. NSL tests available include abrasion testing, coating testing, and simulated exposure testing (ESWT), strength and optical properties testing. 

Oh, and that anti-reflective coating that I mentioned?

NSL Analytical conducts lens tests based on the ANSI Z80.1-2010 standard.  This includes testing for anti-reflective coating, durability (ISO 8980 part 4) and hard coat abrasion resistance (ISO 8980 part 5).

Most of us think about the prescription, but don’t take time to consider all of the components that go into a pair of glasses today.  Consider who makes sure we can rely on those glasses to improve, not harm our vision.  Services like NSL Analytical check the materials going into your glasses, so you can focus on your work, or book, or other reading.

If you are a manufacturer, visit NSL Analytical to find a list of Ophthalmic Testing capabilities, or contact us with your questions or needs.  NSL loves to talk about what we do.