Everything we rely on, before it was manufactured, either had its components tested, or the components of the machinery producing it tested.

Recently my 18 month old car with 25,000 miles began to make a new noise on the road.  Wondering how a fairly new car would have an issue, I began to think about how I wished this car company used better testing on the components of my car.  I wish my car maker had used NSL Analytical Services for its materials testing. 

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

Because safety is so important n the automotive industry, the strength of materials used throughout every vehicle is critical and materials testing is used to determine stability of the components.  That said, there are different tests needed for different materials.  In metal materials, strength is based on the composition.  With polymers, the type and density of the molecules used determines their strength.  A material composition analysis is used to determine stability.  Evaluation of material composition requires inorganic element analysis and compound analysis. 

Additionally, tensile, compression, bending and hardness tests are used for strength evaluations.  But the testing doesn’t stop there.  Strength evaluations of materials, including metals, plastics, rubbers and films are necessary, and testing is preferably done in accordance with ISO, ASTM and other standards. 

I know NSL Analytical is constantly updating its accreditations, its laboratory equipment, and adherence to industry standards.  I’ve learned  the staff at NSL is passionate about their exacting standards for materials testing.  I have talked to several other business and manufacturing professionals who raved about NSL Analytical Services, their dependability, efficiency and accuracy.  That’s important, when every part of a car has so many different materials that must combine for flawless performance.

Today, as I take my car to the automotive shop to be serviced, I really wish my car manufacturer used NSL Analytical Services world class materials testing services – the best choice for the right answers on every component of my car.  It may have saved me this trip.

Stay tuned next week for more about how NSL impacts products used every day.