NSL Analytical Services, Here for Your Essential Service Needs

Located in Ohio, a state which has begun to slowly reopen its economy, NSL Analytical Serviceshas been here for your essential service needs all along.   Especially during this pandemic, the responsibility of essential service companies like NSL, has resonated throughout the firm. A quick look at the industries served could help illustrate the vital niche filled by NSL Analytical Services.

Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay

Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing:   Especially during this adaptation period as many firms reconfigure to produce needed medical equipment, the importance of reliable, fast, and accurate materials testing labs, will impact how quickly ventilators, masks and other products can be distributed to facilities in need.  NSL Analytical Services maintains testing capabilities that include the following:

Material Composition – Chemical Analysis of trace and major elements for specification conformance and R&D

Powder Characterization – Density, Flow rate, Particle size and distribution, Particle Shape

Validation of Metal Printed Parts – Metallurgical analysis, Mechanical testing, Microstructure analysis, Component and product failure analysis, Processing issues, SEM and EDX Analysis

Powder Studies – alloy development and powder re-use

Medical Devices: The industry term covers countless instruments such as:  Needles, forceps, scalpels, bone (joint) implants, stents for heart and other major clogged blood vessels, and implants such as artificial hearts, cochlear implants and batteries.  All of these devices must be tested for safety, endurance, material analysis, and more.  Because medical implants are happening earlier and in more active people, there is a need for longer durability.  NSL Analytical Services has the accreditations, equipment, skills set and staff to perform a variety of medical device testing services.  For more information, contact us now at NSL.

Aerospace:  NSL Analytical Services works with several firms within the Aerospace industry.  With constant advances in materials and design, process technology and construction materials are more complex than ever.  Final parts must be characterized to guarantee performance.  Jet engine coatings are analyzed for thickness, porosity and adherence among other characteristics.  Other parts are analyzed for physical properties such as hardness, strength and microstructure.  NSL Analytical Services is equipped to perform countless aerospace materials testing services.  Click here to request more information or for your testing quote.

Automotive: automobiles have come a long way from the henry ford model T’s that changed the world.  Today, automobiles are complex machines that must meet a myriad of regulations and still achieve great miles per gallon of fuel.  As technology reveals new options for components, the automotive industry designs new ways to take advantage of those advances.  Engine blocks may be iron, aluminum, composites or steel.  Adjacent under-the-hood parts could consist of magnesium, copper or polymers.  They may be coated, painted and/or heat treated.  Industry Suppliers come to NSL Analytical Services before the guarantees to automakers can be made.  Suppliers must be sure their materials will meet rigid specifications of the automotive industry. 

Electronics:  NSL provides failure analysis for those circuit boards, and their components, but it also provides quality control.  NSL characterizes the materials enclosing electronic devices, and the coatings, like those on smart phones and tablets that must endure hot coffee spills, drops on floors or concrete, scratches, and the constant push-pull in and out of pockets or purses.  Besides the chemical analysis, NSL Analytical Services performs mechanical and physical tests, abrasion and scratch resistance, tensile strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance and strength impact testing.

General Manufacturing: NSL Analytical Services not only performs product testing described above, but can also reverse engineer for replacement parts in outdated equipment, including engineer bearings.  No matter the product or the material, NSL Analytical Services is equipped and trained to perform a plethora of Manufacturing materials testing services, adhering to its promise of trust, technology, and turnaround.

Nuclear Power Generation: NSL performs a variety of testing services for the nuclear industry including: Mechanical and Physical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Metallography, Nonmetallic Testing, and all of the specific tests involved in each of those services.  If you need more information, or wonder about a particular service not listed, contact NSL Analytical Services today to find out more about nuclear power materials testing.

Nutraceutical:  Defined as foods or food components that provide health benefits by prevention or treatment of disease, nutraceuticals is an expanding business with over 100 million customers.  To address the issue of consumer concerns due to lack of regulation, the nutraceutical industry began having its products and ingredients tested by independent materials testing labs like NSL Analytical Services.  The tests allow manufacturers to establish credibility and to make product claims based on the confirmed presence of the beneficial chemicals.

NSL offers chemical analysis for supplements and nutraceuticals. Testing can determine beneficial chemicals, or identify the presence of elemental concentrations of toxic heavy metals including arsenic, calcium, lead and mercury. For the data you need on your Nutraceutical product, contact NSL Analytical Services.

Ophthalmic:  Corrective vision products must follow stringent regulations.  See NSL Analytical Services recent blog regarding Ophthalmic updates.    Because proof of regulatory compliance on materials regulated by government agencies must be provided by an objective source, certified and approved testing companies such as NSL Analytical Services, who can comprehend and apply the appropriate regulations, can provide the required proof the governmental agency seeks.  Ophthalmic manufacturers can rely on NSL Analytical Services to provide answers on product quality control questions to the proper agency.  Put your trust in the accredited and approved NSL Analytical Servicescontact us for more information.