Relocate or Renovate?

This summer there has been a lack of existing houses for sale.  Whether due to a fear of strangers coming into your home to check it out during the COVID pandemic, the unemployment rate and the difficulties that poses on getting financing for homebuying, or a desire to wait and see how employment will restructure itself following the work-at-home wave of the last six months, fewer homeowners are deciding to sell their homes and move to new ones.  Meanwhile, maybe that same working at home is leading many homeowners to the realization that “home” is just not big enough, or efficient enough.

In a startling number of instances, a remodeling project or home addition appeals to homeowners as a better alternative than relocating to a bigger home.  Surprisingly, the most common reason for moving is not job or school district related, but is most often given as being tired of my existing home.  Bringing in a professional for the home renovation can cure the tired-of-my-home blues.  Today, more homeowners than ever before, are doing more remodeling projects and large home improvement projects.  According to home advisor the spending on home renovation and home improvement projects had risen by 17% in 2019 after a continuous five year increase. 

Did you know All Pro Xteriors can help with your home renovations and additions?  We know you need the space, and we can help make it harmonize with your existing home, or reclad the entire home for a stunning new look.  It is up to you.  contact us at or call (952) 486-7834.  Our experienced professionals can help you realize your ideas.

As if the lack of homes on the market were not enough of a homebuying deterrent, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently announced new closing costs added to mortgage loan originations.  As the cost of purchasing new homes rise, it is likely that more current homeowners will shift to renovating their existing homes.  Why not renovate in place?  When you like your neighborhood, and just want a new look, or a little more space to work, home improvement firms like All Pro Xteriors can completely transform the exterior look of your home.  All Pro Xteriors offers  professional advice on where stone would enrich your home’s look, or where to put shakes as an accent vs siding.  The end effect may just make you think you are in a new home instead of  your tired old one, every time you pull in your drive.

If you still want to move, but aren’t getting any nibbles even in this market, it could be time to consider the magic of curb appeal.  Buyers may never enter the home to fall in love with it without that special welcoming feeling curb appeal offers.  If your siding is faded or outdated, if the gutters sag or the roof needs to be replaced, buyers will appreciate the replacement or repair efforts you put in now, because otherwise you would be selling them a project.  So carefully paint the trim if it is paintable, mow the lawn, weed the garden, patch or replace the broken or cracked concrete of the driveway or walk, and call All Pro Xteriors for your consultation on the rest.