Solar Power Concerns

Solar Panel method of generating  electricity is a proven, source of power to run homes across the nation, even in northern climes.  Solar panels are low maintenance and pay for themselves over time.  The amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is reduced over 110 MILLION metric tons by US Solar power.  So why do so many hesitate to convert over solar power concerns?

solar power concerns that limit conversions

Seasonal Variance Concerns

In Minnesota, Renewable Solar Resources has converted thousands of homes and businesses to run on the power of the sun.  Solar energy is a cost effective and clean energy method of generating electricity.  In spite of the northern climate solar works in Minnesota and other northern states.  As long as the panels are clear, they can collect sun rays. Solar Panels heat quickly to continue to produce electricity.   

In other words, solar panels can generate electricity during the winter.  It is true that California gets more sunlight year round than either Wyoming or Minnesota. Still, in the contiguous United States, there is enough sunlight to power solar panels on your home.  In the Minneapolis region, excess electricity produced is sold back to the electric provider.  The cost of electricity in off production hours is offset by the sale of excess electricity during peak production hours.  

Solar panels are more efficient today than in the past.  Generally, mono-crystalline panels at over 22% efficiency rating are more efficient than poly-crystalline panels at 18%.  Before Renewable Solar Resources installs any solar energy system, they perform an energy audit.  Renewable Solar evaluates your use of electricity and how you can be most efficient.  The amount of sun and the number of solar panels needed to produce that amount of electricity are measured against your property confines.  The team then gives you recommendations based on realistic application projections.  You end up with a realistic estimation of how a solar power system will perform for you.  The audit costs you nothing, and you will have a better idea of whether solar power is for you.

Confusion About How Solar Works.

Converting to solar power will not automatically take you off the grid.  This means you don’t necessarily need storage batteries.  You can sell the excess power when it is produced and buy it back when sunlight is not available.  You experience fewer power outages, and during peak power consumption days, like those in July, the power grid experiences less stress.  This results in fewer brown outs or other grid destabilization symptoms.

If you do choose to go off grid, you can discuss local statutes and power storage options with your Renewable Solar Resources professional. 

Solar Power Cost Concerns

There is a significant upfront cost to having a solar energy system installed on your property.  For a residential application, it can run from $20,000 to $40,000 depending on need and home size.  The good news is that there are federal tax incentives that offset up to 26% of your cost.  Unraveling those upfront costs reveals that over time, you will come out ahead financially. It’s a great situation when saving the planet saves you money.

Converting a home to solar power is now considered a home improvement. That means Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)s, second mortgages, and home improvement refinances are different ways to obtain low interest rate financing for the conversion.  Professionals estimate that most homeowners recoup their solar conversion expense in about eight years.  The panels are low maintenance and are rated for 25 years, 17 years past the payoff date.

The hard costs of solar conversion have been dropping for years, over 70 percent in the last decade alone.  Check with your Renewable Solar Resources professional on today’s cost of conversion for your project.

Renewable Solar Resources is a locally owned Minnesota business with years of experience in solar conversion, both residential and commercial.  We keep the whole conversion process smooth and pain free for our customers. Call us; we’ll answer any questions you have before and after your solar panel installation. We are here for your calls at (888) 432-9024. Call us today for a free consultation on how much you can save with your own solar conversion.