You have a great business sense, but you may be surprised by risk traps for different types of businesses.  At World Insurance Mart, we want to match you to an insurance consultant who can help reduce risks by recognizing potential loss exposures and giving you information on solutions that eliminate or control that exposure.

Management commitment:  A recent OSHA study found that non-fatal workplace injuries cost businesses over $125 billion every year.   And one of the biggest influences on the safety in the workplace is commitment from owners and management.  Companies with committed managers tend to have better safety records and higher productivity.

Data Breaches.   Identity theft is one of the fastest growing area of loss risk, and it is not just the large companies who are targeted. The Insurance Information Institute found credit card fraud and employment related fraud are two of the biggest  five ways identity theft occurs to your consumers.  Safeguard against hacks and get the right coverage to protect your company from causing or experiencing the fallout from a data breach.

Pieces of truck hauled off while police take accident report

Distracted Employees behind the wheel.  Recently both commercial and private driver distracted driver accidents have spiked.  If your drivers have to use a mobile phone and/or GPS, is it required to be hands free?  You can’t afford a lax mobile safety policy.

Now is a great time to review your business safety policies and insurance policies.  Let match the right business insurance consultant to close the gaps in your coverage.  Finish 2019 with the security that you’re covered.