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CFPB Announces Behavioral Economics Symposium

The consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced today that it will host a symposium on Behavioral Law and Economics at 9:00 am EDT on September 19, 2019.   Yay!  Let’s talk about money! Okay, seriously, even brilliant people seem to struggle with living within their means.  I would like to say this is everywhere, but specifically, Americans…

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The New HMDA Info is Out: Why Do Lenders Ask My Gender?

Ever wonder why the gender and race boxes are on loan applications?  Whose business is it whether I am male or female, or which race or ethnic group I am part of?  It is your government’s business.  The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, or HMDA was enacted in 1975 in order to protect against “redlining” (geographic…

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New Private Education Loan Ombudsman

Student loan debt can be crippling.  Student loan debt collectors don’t always follow the rules.  If you have a private student loan, and feel the lender is not handling your communications or issues correctly, you can go to the Ombudsman for help.  Friday, August 16, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced the appointment of Robert…

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