New Private Education Loan Ombudsman

Student loan debt can be crippling.  Student loan debt collectors don’t always follow the rules.  If you have a private student loan, and feel the lender is not handling your communications or issues correctly, you can go to the Ombudsman for help. 

Friday, August 16, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced the appointment of Robert G Cameron as private education loan ombudsman.  The Dodd Frank act created the private education loan ombudsman position within the CFPB. 

Complaints from private student loan borrowers, will be received, reviewed and resolved through the ombudsman.  Robert Cameron, with his law degree from the Duquesne University School of Law, and his past experience in the PA higher education assistance agency as the official responsible for litigation, compliance and risk mitigation efforts, seems to be a great choice to help resolve Student loan borrowers who struggle to carry, and hopefully to repay the debt. 

You have options in student loan debt.  There are multiple deferment options available, depending on your situation, and you may qualify for forgiveness.  If you need to speak to someone to know more about these possible solutions to overwhelming student loan debt, contact for details.