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Bankruptcy and Sleep Once More

The clock, a vintage inherited family piece, ticked away the minutes.  Cheryl rolled over and saw it was only 3:42 a.m.  Another night when the worry she had tucked away in the corner of her mind pushed her into consciousness, only to lay awake listening once again to the old clock as it continued to…

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Bankruptcy Offers Relief and Protection

Trying to save your home and/or sanity through bankruptcy?  Talk to a local bankruptcy attorney at  Not all bankruptcies are equal when it comes to saving your property.  Sometimes, in order to save a home that has equity in it, debtors resort to filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection instead of chapter 7 bankruptcy…

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Weird Bankruptcy Secrets Attorneys Use to Protect Your Home

Married?  You don’t have to file bankruptcy together.  If you are trying to protect your home by filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, and you are both on the mortgage, you may want to file separately from your spouse.  There is an automatic stay – all creditor action against you paused – which lasts for a set…

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