Bankruptcy and Sleep Once More

The clock, a vintage inherited family piece, ticked away the minutes.  Cheryl rolled over and saw it was only 3:42 a.m.  Another night when the worry she had tucked away in the corner of her mind pushed her into consciousness, only to lay awake listening once again to the old clock as it continued to tick.  Cheryl had, in a moment of desperation asked a pawn dealer to appraise the clock’s value, but it really wasn’t worth much.  The big question still loomed, how would Cheryl make the payments due this week, and how would she hold off those she couldn’t pay.

Cheryl is not alone in dealing with overwhelming debt.  In the twelve months ending March 30, 2019, 772,646 bankruptcies were filed in the United States.  Even as Bankruptcy filings continue to decline, there are still hundreds of thousands of citizens in default on bills and without hope or direction for resolution of debt. 

When the stress of debt creeps into every aspect and moment of your life, and into your attempts at sleep, bankruptcy can finally give you the peace you need to move forward.  Though not for those who owe less than $10,000, in larger debt load situations, bankruptcy will offer protection from creditor lawsuits, harassing phone calls and from overwhelming debt that you are unable to pay off.  When have exhausted other options, bankruptcy can truly give peace of mind and the fresh start you need. matches you and your situation to local bankruptcy attorneys so you can, at no obligation, talk to experienced, knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys and make informed decisions for a brighter tomorrow.  In your discussions with your bankruptcy attorney, you can learn whether your finances qualify you to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, which would clear most account, or a chapter 13, which would require income based payments over a period of time to satisfy your debts.  There are many nuances in how bankruptcy can benefit, and an experienced bankruptcy attorney is the best choice for advise on which filing would be better for you.  Come see us at today to start on your way to a smoother financial future.