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How to Decide on Insurance Investments

Yes, insurance can be a good investment, if you choose well.  Buying insurance is buying peace of mind.  Buying the right insurance is also an investment that can add to your quality of life when you are not in position to work as hard as you can today.  Need some insights? Finding the right insurance…

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How Much to Retire?

Before you can know how to save for retirement, before you know how to line up investments to allow you to retire early, you really need to know what it will cost to live where you want to live. offers a list of the 12 most affordable states for a comfortable retirement as of…

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Life Happens; Insurance Can Make it Better

Ready for retirement? You say you’re working on it, so, check.  Got Life Insurance?  You’re still young enough not to worry about it, right?  Wrong.  The thing is, you can’t control when your family will need life insurance.  Events happen; life happens; and most of it cannot be planned for.  What you can do, is…

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Investing in Best Interests

On June 5, 2019, the SEC implemented Reg BI under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 establishing a Best interests standard of conduct for broker dealers and staff when recommending any securities transaction or investment strategy involving securities. A relationship summary, or Form CRS, must now be shared with customers so you can make an…

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