Ready for retirement? You say you’re working on it, so, check. 

Got Life Insurance?  You’re still young enough not to worry about it, right?  Wrong.  The thing is, you can’t control when your family will need life insurance.  Events happen; life happens; and most of it cannot be planned for.  What you can do, is give yourself and your family peace of mind with a whole life insurance plan set in place. 

Because term life insurance coverage is for a limited amount of time, the cost is lower than for Whole life insurance.  Whole life insurance lasts a lifetime and has a cash value which may be used to augment retirement income.  This multi-purpose characteristic makes Whole life insurance a popular investment vehicle.

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How much life insurance do you need?  The answers are as varied as peoples’ life situations are varied.  For a single person with no dependents, you may only want enough insurance to pay for final expenses and left over debt obligation, so $25,000 to $50,000 could take care of it.  For a family, your goals may include school for them, paying off the mortgage note in addition to providing for the family until your children can reach adulthood.  This could mean a $500,000 policy, based on final expenses, and minimal annual support plus college education money.  Sometimes, you don’t need to totally support the family, but want to ease any financial hardship suffered from your loss.  There are ways to figure the amount of insurance that makes sense for you family based on needs and affordability. 

At, you can find experienced ethical insurance professionals who can inform and guide your decisions on the best way to insure and protect your family in case of loss.