The Dojo You can Attend from Home

Worried about COVID-19?  It’s understandable; Many people are worried. And ResourceShark extends sympathy to those who lost a loved one.  For others, when I actually looked up how the virus impacted different sections of the population, I began to see the indisputable benefit of a healthy lifestyle. The healthier you are, at any age, the less severe the effects of the virus seem to be.

Grandmaster Mark Shuey has been encouraging his students and followers for years to join him in Cane Fu and Cane Chi training, as well as following in the discipline of yoga.  Today, GM Shuey has not only taught many students the art of the American Cane System, but that training has enabled those students to achieve a whole new level of health and strength. 

Here’s the great thing about Cane Masters Inc. Dojo.  You don’t have to leave your home to begin training, and it is designed for a broad range of students.  GM Mark Shuey has created a virtual dojo to make the American Cane System, Cane Chi and Cane Fu accessible to more people.

Cane Masters Inc. offers access to this virtual dojo by your choice of an monthly, annual or lifetime subscription.  The strength and health benefits of participation in the virtual dojo will likely far outlast the current viral threat, but the convenience of attendance and participation in GM Shuey virtual dojo will continue to enhance your quality of life as long as you train. Visit CaneMasters today to learn more.