The Gift of Mobility This Holiday

Did you know that Cane Masters Walking and Dress canes start at only $19.95?  The holidays are here.  If there is a special someone on your list who could use the support of a cane, but didn’t want the stigma attached to some canes, visit to find the custom cane that will give your special someone a boost of confidence this holiday season. 

The custom Street Cane is one of the most popular walking canes, with a bird’s head style horn and the grip positioned just below the opening of the crook.  Looking for a cane with lots of extras?  Cane Masters Deluxe Derby Handle Canes are the strongest Derby Handle walking canes available.  These canes are made from one piece with the exception of the small extension or fin on the curved section of the crook.

Sure, holiday shopping ads have been barraging you for weeks.  But Cane Masters Walking and Dress Canes are a medical device that can be paired with training to gain strength, balance and confidence.  What gift can deliver as much for as little?  Visit to see the myriad of options.  Then ask questions.  Mark Shuey and his staff are passionate about delivering a healthier, happier way of life to those who need the aid of a cane as a medical device that aids in mobility. 

Check out today for beautifully crafted, strong, functional canes that double as one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give this holiday season.