The Hardest Working US States, and the Ones That Prefer to Party

hardest working states

Live for today or plan for tomorrow? Well, like many things in life, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Because learning how to balance fun and hard work is an essential life skill that sets you up for long-term success. But what students are getting A grades for delaying their gratification? And which ones are flunking out when it comes to exercising some self-discipline? Ivory Research decided to find out.

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The academic writing service looked at over 100,000 Instagram posts with the hashtags #worklife, #working, #partytime, or #partyhard to see which US states and cities focus on work and which ones prefer to party.

The USA’s Most Hardest-Working States

North Dakota is the USA’s hardest-working state. Over 90% of all surveyed Instagram posts included a reference to work or study. It suggests that students attending schools in North Dakota have mastered the art of delaying their gratification and are willing to sacrifice short-term fun for long-term career goals and aspirations. And they’re not the only ones. In total, 59 US states put work before play.

Students in Vermont seem to look at life a little differently. 72.2% of their posts are about partying and having a good time. This YOLO philosophy makes Vermont the number party state. It’s where you can major in beer bong and minor in keg-chugging. And if you cram in some last-minute revision, you might come out with a college degree to put on your CV

Florida proved that its reputation as a party hot spot is more than well-deserved. A mecca for spring-breakers looking to blow off some post-exam steam, the sunshine state attracts thousands of students every Easter weekend. And it’s one of the places where people will always go looking for a party, no matter what else is going on. A 2019 pre-pandemic spring break clip went viral after a shirtless man holding a fresh beer told reporters, “If we get corona, we get corona. We won’t let it stop us from having a good time.” As you can imagine, not everyone was impressed with this Spring Breakers’ commitment to enjoying the here and now.

The USA’s Biggest Party States

Students in six more states posted more party than work hashtags. And you can probably guess at least one of them. That’s right! It’s Las Vegas, one of the few places on earth where the parties never really stop! The other biggest US party states are New Jersey, Idaho, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Massachusetts. But it’s unlikely that the students at the best school in Massachusetts prefer cracking open bottles instead of books. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, is one of the top schools in the world. The acceptance rate is just 7%.

But some places can out party Vermont, Florida, and even Las Vegas. None of these states made it into the top five ultimate student party destinations. Six US cities had 100% party hashtags. There were Aurora, Syracuse, Kendall, East St. Louis, Paramus, and Sacramento. With that much partying, this might be the only time students in these cities get a perfect score.

Life (and especially student life) is all about balance. You can’t learn some things in the classroom, and college is a unique opportunity to meet new people and grow as a person. If you work too hard, you might miss out on the fun and memories. And if you never say no to a night out, you probably won’t reach your full academic potential. But striking the right balance between work and play is possible. Just ask the students from South Dakota. They got the perfect 50/50 split between party posts and study hashtags, suggesting that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Hardest Working States

Work Party

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