Solar for Christmas

As the year 2020 draws to a close, I admit I have a Christmas/Hannukah/Christkindl wish list.  All I want for Christmas is good health for those I care about. And a chance to share future holidays with family and friends in person. And world peace – starting in the US. And conversion to solar energy. and well, you get the idea. 

World health and world peace seem to have a huge price tag.  On the other hand, the hard price of solar conversions have dropped about 90% since 2009.  As the price has been dropping, government programs like SunShot have helped foot the bill to ensure R&D continues to advance the technology of renewable energy power generator systems.

Renewable Solar Resources helps homeowners through a seamless conversion from fossil fueled electricity generation for their homes, to solar powered electricity generation for their homes.  There are multiple steps involved in the conversion process, all of which the professionals at Renewable Solar Resources are happy to facilitate for you. 

Steps to Solar Conversion

Site Analysis

The first step is to find out whether your home is a good candidate for solar power.  There are some homes that are dwarfed by nearby buildings, trees or other structures that block too much sunlight from reaching a solar array.  Renewable Solar Resources investigates residential and business sites for UV rays prior to any solar installation.  The actual location of the solar panel array can be located in various locations, but it makes sense to find out the most effective location before planning the installation.

Evaluation Of Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Converting to solar power is a big step.  But making sure your home is energy efficient will save you money.  It will also help you keep your usage within the parameters of what your solar panel array can produce. LED has helped homeowners tremendously, but there are other small adjustments, such as sealing drafts, adding insulation, replacing old lighting with LED and updating old heating systems etc., that can yield huge results.  Renewable Solar Resources reviews your home’s efficiency rating and what you can do to boost when they conduct the site inspection.

Review The Bid For Your Solar Conversion And Make Your Decision 

When and if you decide to move forward, there will be a few more steps taken on your behalf before the solar panel array can be installed on your site.  Permits will need to be pulled and there are other steps that have to be taken to connect your home to the grid.  Being connected to the grill will actually earn returns when your home produces more electricity than you use, which can offset any shortage you may encounter.  Once you have updated your home to be more efficient, it is less likely that you will encounter any shortages.

Maintain your system

There are no moving parts to break down, but there is minor maintenance, as with any other part of your home.  Keep the panels clean a couple of times a year.  Keep the panels cleared off and free of debris.  That is pretty much it.

Enjoy the lack of electric bills.  Enjoy the cleaner air due to lower fossil fuel usage from homeowners across the state switching to clean energy.  Enjoy helping make the planet healthier. 

More information is available from Renewable Solar Resources, A Minnesota renewable energy com

Solar Panel Array