Every so often, I wonder about the chronic effect of the oil spills such as in the gulf and south seas and off the northwest coast.  I think there must be an easier way to clean that and minimize the damage and loss of wildlife. 

What if there was a sponge that could soak up the oil spills?

What if there was a sponge that could soak up the oil spills?

There is that sponge.  Arbonne National Laboratories researchers invented it specifically for Oil Spill Cleanup and may be just the technology needed.

Technology of Oleo Sponge

Oleo Sponge is actually common foam that has been treated with a chemical process making the fibers attract oil and shed water.  It has existed at least since 2017, when a whitepaper called “Advanced oil sorbents using sequential infiltration synthesis was published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Investors Needed

Argonne National Laboratory in 2018 was seeking partners to commercialize the “Oleo Sponge” currently patent pending.  Argonne asks parties interested in partnering with Arbonne to take this product commercial to contact aprtners@anl.gov.   To see Oleo Sponge in action and read more about it, check out Arbonne National Laboratory site here.