Still Waiting to Switch to Solar Power?

Did you wait for solar power to be more affordable?  Were you worried it was just a fad that would be replaced by something more efficient down the road?  In fact, solar power has been around for decades, and while the solar panels become more efficient, or more aesthetically pleasing, the old systems are still producing power and are still saving homeowners and businesses money on their electricity bills.  Even the President is telling us he wants the entire nation to drastically cut carbon output for our energy usage.   Why are you still waiting to switch to solar power?

Waiting for the Price to Drop More?

Some have been waiting for the price to keep dropping, and it has been.  Though the labor and import costs rise to offset it, the hard cost of solar conversions continued to drop.  Solar and wind deployments are on track to hit a new record high according to CNBC.  There is currently a 26% FEDERAL solar tax credit available, and in Minnesota, there are local incentives as well.  So, is it the cost that is holding you back from enjoying the benefits of clean solar power for your home or business? 

Waiting for Financing?

In Plymouth, Minnesota, Renewable Solar Resources can guide you through financing on your solar conversion.  It is like locking in your electricity rate for the next twenty five years, because that is how long most solar panels are rated to last.  With the reduction in electricity bills, even when you remain in the grid, homeowners on average are recouping their costs in around eight years.  And no matter when you convert, the savings begin immediately.  So while the cost might be causing you to hesitate, the savings is one of the first benefits you will enjoy from your new solar energy system. 

Got Questions?

You have questions.  That’s only natural when you think about changing the way you power your home.  There are some questions that are more common than others and we have some answers here.

Can you Really Lower your Electricity Bill?

One of the biggest questions prospective solar power customers ask is whether they can lower their electricity bill.  The answer is yes.  Solar panels can produce enough power to offset anywhere from 25% to 100% of your household’s electricity usage.  If your panels produce more electricity than you use, the excess can be sold back under Minnesota’s net metering laws.  Of course, how much of your electricity is produced by solar panels depends on how many panels you install, how much sun rays they receive, and how much electricity you use.  That is why when Renewable Solar Resources takes your call, they set up an energy audit to determine whether your energy usage could be improved with simple changes, where on the property panels could be placed and whether your building would support the weight. 

If you are still waiting to switch to solar power, experts around the globe are telling us time is short.  You can help with your own solar conversion and still save money.  Contact Renewable Solar Resources today or call 1-888-432-9024.