What a Good Idea: Cane Masters

When Dave, a senior citizen, had to resort to using a cane, it made him feel like an invalid, as nothing else had to date.  I really wish Dave had had a Cane Masters Cane and the Cane Fu training that is available.

Cane Masters, Inc. works with veterans and others who need the assistance of a cane, to give back self-confidence, strength and self-defense.  The canes themselves are beautifully crafted, with multiple wood options and horn styles, as well as grips and engravings on the shaft.  You can design your own one of a kind work of art that is fully functional to help in walking and in self-defense.

Typical first response to Mark Shuey’s Cane Masters seminars seems to be surprise at how effective a medical aid cane be as a safety device, followed immediately, by “What a good idea!”  Canes and staffs have been used throughout history both as walking assists and as weapons, so why not now.  The cane exercises help build your body’s strength, fitness and balance.  The training helps guide you on the knowledge of how to effectively use the medical aid not just to help balance as you walk, but to enhance your safety.