For those of us who seem to continuously fall, trip, twist an ankle, or get run over by  large dogs, and regularly end up with an ankle or foot injury; it seems kind of ridiculous to go to a sports injury clinic, yet this specialty area of the orthopedic field of medicine deals with much more than athletic injuries.  Figuring it will get better on its own is not the best policy if a week later the bruising and or pain is not fading.  Not having it treat may result in permanent damage!

Orthopedic medicine is a medical specialty that was originally focused on the treatment of children with crippling deformities in the bones and muscles.  Now Orthopaedics has expanded to include the care and repair of the entire musculoskeletal system.  That means Bones, nerves, muscles, joints and more, not just for children, but for all age groups.  The expansion of the age groups means Orthopedic medicine may include treatment of problems like arthritis and other chronic pain, and of course, the field of sports medicine.

When you are in pain, whether from an injury or due to a chronic condition, Seeking treatment from an Orthopedic clinic can help you find the relief you need to get back to your normal routine, whether that means gardening, or soccer, or any other activity the pain is impairing.  A friend of mine insisted he didn’t need a doctor, that it was healing fine, but two years later, he still has a strange knot on his shin, and a discoloration and I do not think it healed “fine”.  You may not have to endure slow healing, limited recovery; but until you speak to your orthopedic professional, you won’t know. 

There is a whole other reason to get the treatment you need.  Orthopedic specialists can advise patients on how to avoid future injuries, which nutritional supplements and foods help heal, and how to strengthen a newly vulnerable areal.  Stress fractures, overuse of joints and the problems it creates, and tendonitis are all areas of expertise for the sports medicine specialist specifically

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