Why Now is the Best Time for Solar Panel Installation

Why Now is the Best Tme for Solar Panel Installation

Upcoming 2020 Federal Tax Credit Deadline

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The 26 percent federal tax credit for Solar Conversion expires on December 21, 2020.  While Summer is the most popular time solar panel installations are scheduled, solar installers can still make the installation in Fall and Winter, and the slow down can make it easier to get your conversion installation scheduled in time.  The bill that gave federal tax credits for solar conversion set the expiration date for those credits when the year 2020 ends.  Given the general direction 2020 has gone, wouldn’t it be nice to end it on a money saving note?  Because the good news is that those savings begin the moment your new solar power generation system begins to function.

The thing is, there is paperwork required before solar panels can be installed, and you need to talk to your contractor as soon as possible to make sure you can still qualify for those federal tax credits.  Once you contact Renewable Solar Resources, we get to work to check the PV levels and best place to install panels, price everything for you and get the paperwork filed.   We work hard all year long, but there is less demand in fall and winter, which means we can get you schedule more quickly.

Beat the Heat and Save More Money

Beyond the looming tax credit deadline, there are other reasons to convert your home to run on a solar power generation system.  When the Summer sun comes back, it will come back with a vengeance.  The ACs throughout the neighborhood go into overdrive.  If you wait until you’re using that AC, you’re already consuming lots of electricity powered by fossil fuel.  By converting to solar power before the AC season begins, you will realize much more savings, since your solar panels will be powering your own AC system.

Contact Renewable Solar Resources to find out not just how much your own solar conversion will cost, but even more important, how much you can save by converting to solar power generation.   The solar energy professionals at Renewable Solar Resources concentrate on efficiency within the home and business and can walk you through how to implement an effective long term solar solution that maximizes your energy conservation, and your savings.  We are driven to deliver to our customers a significant return on their investment.

Easy to Get Solar Conversion Started

Renewable Solar Resources makes the process of going solar easy for homeowners.   If your roof or yard and your electricity bill meet the right criteria, we can start the solar panel installation process immediately for your home or business.  We do the configuration and hard work.  You just need to contact us and open the conversation.  We respond quickly to all calls and website contact us messages to answer all your questions!

Renewable Solar Resources became a renewable energy firm because we believe in the  commitment of Minnesota and the United States to convert to renewable power sources.  We are proud of helping our customers understand, design, and implement clean affordable energy solutions.  Contact us today for more information.