As Corona vaccines work their way throughout the world, and the newest COVID-19 stimulus bill is signed into law, consumer hope begins to emerge. With pandemic paycheck protection loan forgiveness provisions in the stimulus bill, manufacturers may need to be ready to resume production, even as businesses change. Today, manufacturers are operating with shorter runs and more job changeovers. To adapt to the internet of things, Zagar manufactures its hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling & tapping machines and related equipment for flexibility. ZAGAR geared multi-spindle drill heads are engineered to add adaptability, high repeatability, speed & precision performance in manufacturing applications.


Zagar’s End of Arm Tooling, or EOAT is synonymous with machining precision. Zagar robotic end effectors easily installs in a multitude of applications. Zagar’s Robotic End effectors efficiently cover a full range of precision machining such as drilling, counter sinking, counter boring, facing, reaming, combination drilling-tapping, rigid tapping, milling, trimming and more.

Ramp up your productivity and cut down your cycle times with Zagar CNC milling heads that make use of your sophisticated machines. With maximum hold pattern flexibility and an input drive shaft which can be built to suit, these milling heads are not only adaptable, but are a high performance machining option.

Zagar’s drill and tap feed units are completely programmable. Any portion of stroke can be programmed into combinations of feed or rapid traverse. This makes the Manual Quill drill and tap ideal for combination tooling, multistage drilling, peck drilling or tapping and process adjustments. The units’ controllers include all popular industry choices, making it a truly adaptable choice for high speed, high repeatability drilling and tapping applications.

High repeatability

Repeatability is a key factor in a successful production process. As important as consistency, high repeatability is a measurement of the accuracy and production potential in a manufacturing line. The combination of accuracy and high repeatability in Zagar product line yields better profit margins in your production line.

Zagar builds dedicated machinery committed to the mass production of drilling and tapping of holes. Extremely close attention is paid to the design and engineering of those machines to create high quality, high performance hole making solutions.


If you have a need for speed, Zagar has the machine you need. Every hole making machine in the Zagar line up offers speed, but there are a few stars to mention. Zagar powerful gear driven multi-spindle drill heads are built for high production hole making. These machines feature high speed spindles, large hole drilling capacity and individual spindle speed that get any hole making job done swiftly. The MQ150 SU is a manual quill ball screw unit that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy for high speed thrust capability and the pneumatic and hydraulic thruster series drilling units coming in three basic thrust sizes to solve multiple drilling operation needs.


Zagar Drill and tap heads are engineered for every holemaking need. Any pattern. Any material. Since 1937, Zagar has produced or qualified holes in most ferrous or non-ferrous materials. Zagar machine design has evolved the development of stand alone modular component product lines, such as pneumatic, hydraulic, cam, servo driven feed units and workholding fixtures. Inside a Zagar machine are high quality hardened gears for exceptional endurance. The combination of quality workmanship, engineering, and materials lead to outstanding performance of the finest hole making solutions in the industry. Visit for more information or call (216) 731-0500 today.