Zagar Feed Units Are Ready for Action

Trying to figure out whether a Zagar feed unit will work in your production application? 

If your application means that our feed units are going to be buried under chips, constantly splashed by coolant, and hanging upside down, we’re ready for it. 

MQ 150-SU

If you need constant production of drilled and tapped holes on a multiple-shift basis and need to keep producing parts right through the weekends, we’re ready for that too because that is exactly how our existing customers are using our units. 

From California to Massachusetts and from Florida to Michigan, our units are dependably meeting our customers’ expectations. But now Zagar feed units are better than ever.

Our Zagar Manual Quill (MQ) ball screw units now featuring the MQ150-SU with servomotors and enhanced CNC controls.  Servo drive assemblies feature a single motor drive for feed and rapid traverse without the use of a brake or a clutch, helical gear reduction, hand crank provision and built in thrust bearing assembly.  The feed rate can be varied or fine turned without changing gears, cams or sheaves and belts, then fixed permanently for tamper proof operation.  The MQ150-SU will soon feature sealed enclosures for the belts and pully’s as well as sealed areas for a variety of different parts keeping the work area clean during service.

Find out more about how feed units can improve your production bottom line at, or call us (216) 731-0500 for more information.