Today more than ever, safe, faster means of transportation have become vital to our rebounding economy, and the Aerospace industry provides the Research & Development behind many of the advances in flight machines.  With exacting requirements in components and construction, the Aerospace industry depends on manufacturers like Zagar Inc. to meet those specifications.

Hi-Speed Aerospace Lock-Nut Tapper

In return, Zagar Inc. is a proud provider of precision high speed tapping and drilling machines used by the Aerospace industry to achieve high volume threads and drilled holes in the components manufactured and used by the industry. 

Those same Zagar fixtures are also feeding and speeding the automotive industry.   One type of machine used in both industries is the Zagar Inc. gearless multiple spindle drill and tap head.  These machining center heads are custom made in configurations that meet your specific manufacturing needs and can be custom fit into any type of mounting requirement.  Additionally, the multi-spindle units can be fit to CNC (computer numerical control) machines, and because of the gearless technology used, can drill in random patterns with close centers on the spindles. 

Multiple Spindle drive and tap heads by Zagar Inc. are designed to fit all types of machining centers and all drives, consistent with every type of machine.  Some of the features of Zagar Gearless Multiple Spindle drive and tap heads are:

  • Available with Cat40 or Cat50 Input Driver
  • 4″, 6″, or 8″ Diameter Housing
  • Spindle Position to Suit
  • “ER” Collet Integral With Spindle ~ ABS or HSK also available
  • Adapter Shanks Designed for Milling Machine Tapers, Straight Shank or Special
  • Spindles Made to Accommodate Quick Change, Pitch Compensating or Floating Tap Drivers
  • Gear Ratios to Balance Out with Feed Rates
  • Anti- Rotation Device to Suit Customer’s Machining Center
  • Optional Coolant Manifold ~ Through the Drive Coolant
  • Hardened Drivers, Gears, & Spindles
  • Universal Heads
  • Milling Heads
  • Special Drill Heads
  • Angle Heads
  • 90 Degree Heads
  • Swivel
  • Indexing Heads
  • Adjustable Heads
  • Machine Tool Heads

Zagar Inc. believes that our quality multi spindle drill and tap heads will endure production run after run, enhancing your manufacturing quality, capacity, and bottom line.  We are proud to work with industries in countries all over the globe, for whom we design and create fixtures with the precision, speed and endurance that our Aerospace, Automotive, Electrical, Medical, Construction, and Appliance-making customers need.   We look forward to meeting new challenges in these industries, as consumer demand evolves, creating manufacturing development requirements.  Because though Zagar Inc. has been delivering hole creating machines for over 80 years, we constantly strive to improve manufacturing productivity.  Zagar continues to design unique solutions for manufacturers’ new hole production and work holding specifications. 

Once you have the Zagar multi-spindle drilling and tapping machine for your line, keep in mind that Zagar is now a distributor of quality Jarvis Cutting Tools taps.  When you need precision, high capacity and speed, think Taps from Jarvis Cutting Tools.  Jarvis Cutting Tools supplies the finest taps for manufacturers around the world.  Lasting up to four time as long as competitor taps, Jarvis Taps can cut manual labor and stop time.  The strength and precision of Jarvis Cutting Tools can maximize your cost savings per hole when compared to “cheaper” competitors tooling. 

If you are converting to new product manufacturing, or need new hole making or workholding equipment, contact Zagar Inc. or call us at (216) 731-0500 and tell us about your challenge.