Zagar Inc. has remained open during the COVID19 crisis of 2020 to serve in many ways.   We are open in support of industries with essential, government, and military responsibilities.  It’s those essential manufacturers, especially PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) manufacturers, that inspires us to stay open to continue to supply with quality Zagar Parts and Services as needed.  For us at Zagar Inc., offering this service means we can help keep customers’ machines and their manufacturing shops up and running during this critical time.   

Lately, Zagar workholding has produced a number of highest quality standard collet fixtures, as well as exceptional custom collet fixtures.  In the last couple of weeks, we provided those fixtures to  several machine shops who are beginning to ramp up for future production runs.  For other factories, Zagar parts and service assisted in performing maintenance on their machines during a minor lull.  Is your shop ready to ramp back up? 

Does your business have equipment or service needs?  We are here to help make things right for you.  We appreciate the chance to serve you, our essential manufacturing customers, even during these arduous times. Call us at (216) 731-0500 or email us at and we appreciate our team here at Zagar Inc. who still come in daily in support of all of our customers.