Zagar Inc. Top Line of Workholding Fixtures

Contributed by Gary Zagar

Edited by Jo Gardner

Content Manager for ResourceShark™

Our Zagar product line could not be complete without Workholding Fixtures. Check these out at  Zagar Inc. workholding fixtures enhances the precision and durability of the workpieces they secure, such as vises, collets, or jigs.    While Zagar is proud to offer a vast assortment of quality workholding fixtures for almost every machining operation, the top five high demand workholders are listed below.

The Air or hydraulic Collet Fixtures are available with operating pressure ranges from 80 to 1500 PSI. The fixtures come in a range of 8 standard sizes for clamping.  From .046″ to 4inches diameter through the fixture bar capacity, we have a solution for almost any production challenge. Our fixtures can fit 3C to 44C, can offer OD (outside diameter) clamping or ID (inside diameter) clamping and can feature pulldown collet actuation.  Additionally, Zagar Inc. manufactures rotating collet chucks with automatic piston actuation and rotary inducer for automatic or manual draw bar actuation. Both collet and collet fixtures install quickly and easily so you can get back to production.

Air Hydraulic Stationary Holding Fixture
See more at  air-hydraulic-stationary-fixture

Here at Zagar Inc. we believe we make the finest quality fixtures in the business. From 4 inch down to one inch, with collet accessories and collets, hold your work with the best. Zagar Workholding fixtures are a classic favorite of manufacturers around the world, because they are simple to employ and they last a long, long, time.

The Zagar 707-310 master collet is another popular fixture featured in the Zagar Product line.  Because it fits the Zagar 2 inch diameter collet fixtures, the Zagar 707-310 master collet has become our bestselling master collet.  The 707-310 master collets are made with the finest quality materials and are built with the durability to withstand brutal work conditions.   Every Zagar Collet features:

  • a flat top for locating,
  • improved holding pressure
  • wide slots for chip removal, and
  • room for the wrench
  • extra expansion for ease of loading
  • rear locating diagram for axil alignments

Zagar collets are available in 3 or 4 slot designs and fit all 16-C bores.  Emergency and step collets are available for purchase by visiting Zagar Inc. or calling us at (216) 731-0500

Air/hydraulic rotating fixtures are another customer favorite, and comparably few manufacturers offer the rotating fixture. Featured in our collet line, the air/hydraulic rotating fixture offers:

  • Basic piston design
  • Center assembly mount or rotating spindle or table
  • Outer housing that is held stationary, (secure but not rigid)
  • Mounts to most adapters or faceplates
  • Locating boss for quick changeover
  • Fixture specs can be seen on

Air/hydraulic rotating fixtures are available in 1-4” models and adjusted to size and shape using the 310 master or any of our master collets as well as collet pads. These fixtures rotate to provide the operator maximum flexibility while working with the part.

Zagar rotating fixtures can be used with a booster. The booster can be used on a small circuit for high pressure applications. Want to know more?  We love to talk about Zagar fixtures.  Visit or call us at (216) 731 – 0500 or email for more information.

Vertical/ Horizontal Holding Fixtures

No machinist work bench would be complete without the Zagar vertical horizontal fixture .  This fixture comes in  multiple sizes with large easy-grip handles, a  positive com mechanism, internal stops for depth control, a variety of collet pads, and these fixtures are easy to install.   Zagar YouTube Channel vertical horizontal fixture guide can make installation and operation even easier.  These and other manual fixtures are available on, by phone at (216) 731-0500 or by emailing  We’d love to answer any questions you have and tell you all about the Zagar quality line of Workholding fixtures.

Until next time, stay safe.