Zagar Inc. is focused.  We are focused on making hole production even more efficient than ever.  This summer, the Zagar MQ150 SU is turning heads.  This Multi Spindle Manual Quill feed unit features a 3 horsepower motor as well as a 5.9 inch feed on the spindle, a 10000 RPM speed capacity and a 1000 pound thrust capability.  It has the ability to drill and tap along with a programmed peck cycle and multiple stage cycles. The Zagar MQ 150 SU employs a precision ground, ball screw actuated, quill feed on a center line spindle mount and utilizes a reversing brake motor, to enhance efficacy of tapping applications.  It comes with a variety of spindle nose options ABS, ASA, HSK, and ER.  

Want still more?  The Zagar MQ 150 unit has been modified into a completely sealed unit, the belts and pulleys are in sealed enclosures, in fact most of its different parts are in their own sealed areas, keeping the work area clean during operation. The Zagar MQ 150 SU can do everything from basic drilling and tapping to more exotic applications such as reaming, combination drilling/reaming, thread rolling, and even twisting.  Now it is also the perfect solution when you need to accomplish all that and keep your environment clean.