Zagar Inc. has tapping machines of all sizes, from a single spindle to machines capable of drilling thousands of precision taps simultaneously.  This turn-key 4 spindle tap station features vertical columns and supporting hardware that provide precise tapping by spindle suspended over the workstation on a dial index production machine.

The motion control CNC system is pre-engineered and ethernet ready.  It features a touch screen HMI interface with stored programs for taping left or right hand, inch or metric pitch threads. Programs for drilling or combination drilling and tapping are also included with every Zagar CNC tap station.

Tapping machines are conceptualized and engineered by Zagar Inc. in 3D using Solidworks. Want to see the project?  Viewing designs are no problem using a free download enabling design interaction and interchange of drawings.  Your Collaboration is vital: as the machine’s end users, your input makes each design that much better. Contact or call (216) 731-0500 for details.