10 Fun Facts About Mark Shuey’s American Cane System

Grandmaster Mark Shuey, original co-founder of Cane Masters Inc. and founder of North Lake Tahoe Martial Arts, broadcasts yoga and American Cane System exercises.  Visit CaneMasters.com.  You can subscribe for just a month, a half year, or a full year to Cane Masters Virtual Dojo and enjoy live and recorded training sessions.  Train in the privacy of your own home or yard. The Cane Masters Virtual Dojo covers self-defense techniques and exercises with your cane that help rebuild strength, balance and confidence.  Sessions are live Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m. PDT / Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. PDT.  Try it and experience the ease of technique training and mobility enhancing exercises. 


  1. The American Cane System is appropriate for people of all ages.  While the exercises were originally designed for older adults facing loss of mobility, they also provide great training for kids.  All ages seem to enjoy the workouts.
  2. Did you know that studying a martial arts program like The American Cane System can enhance focus and channel energy of children with ADHD?  Studies have shown that Martial Arts can benefit not only children, but also adults with many types of learning and cognitive challenges.  Martial Arts in general focuses on individual accomplishment, so kids who learn differently are not made to feel less than other teammates like in team sports.  While learning at their own pace, they earn a different colored belt every time they reach a new level.  The multi-step rewards are encouraging, boosting self-confidence.  The practice itself, lends better focus, and yes, it’s cool to study Martial Arts.
  3. Cane Chi and other forms of Martial Arts have been found to enhance mobility in older adults.
  4. Regular Practice of Martial Arts is a great stress reliever.  Many adults who take up Cane Fu or Cane Chi of The American Cane System of Martial Arts as adults find the exercises help focus away from daily stress, creating peace of mind.
  5. You don’t need to be a grand master to experience the calm and peace enhanced by The Cane System martial arts training.  It is pervasive in all levels of training.
  6. Regular practice of Martial Arts can also improve your energy levels.  The exercise you get, even when the Cane system you practice seems gentle, improves your blood flow, which moves more oxygen throughout your body.  You also sleep better when you exercise, and wake more rejuvenated.
  7. Those who train regularly in the American System have reported feeling more confidence and less anxiety.  Especially for those afraid to go out, the added confidence and peace of mind can be life altering.
  8. All Martial Arts practices help improve balance, but for those who are older and struggle with mobility and balance issues already, The Mark Shuey American Cane Systems offer relief for those who already need canes to get around.
  9. The word “cane” is believed to have evolved in the 16th century from “walking sticks”.  In the beginning, walking sticks, or canes were poles that were used as weapons as well as walking aids. 
  10. In London in 1702, gentlemen were required to obtain a license granting them the privilege of carrying a walking stick. Social Etiquette then governed the manner of holding, lifting etc. a walking stick.