Beat the Winter Doldrums On a Budget can help you find freedom from debt, but staying committed to your budget will make all the difference in your level of success. It is winter in the northern-lands, and cabin fever is a threat, so I am looking for things to do without blowing our budget.  The following list excludes activities like watching TV at home; because yes, we can all do that, but it leads to cabin fever (and online shopping during the commercials and boring parts of the shows). Here is what I came up with.  Feel free to add your own favorites to these.

Go to a museum, aquarium or zoo.  Check first, because many of them have free admission days.  If you have a flexible schedule, this can work even better for you.
Go see a game – a non-pro game.  Your local high school or farm league can offer a fun evening of competition and people-watching, all for much less than you would pay for aprofessional ball game.
Join a league. Playing is more fun than watching, so if your area has an adult league, consider joining.
Volunteer.  Sometimes, appreciating your life is enhanced by working with those who have less: less health, less mobility, less money, less food and/or shelter, less family.  You could meet new people you enjoy while gaining an appreciation of what you have, and you might improve someone’s life, or clean up a beach, or park. 
Create Something.  Remember the satisfaction you felt when you made that project?  Or dish? Or scrap book? You get the idea, figure out something that does NOT require purchasing a lot of materials, and try to make part of the creative challenge to use found items. This is about letting your creative muse enjoy a few hours of fun.
Learn a new skill.  I would love to know a foreign language, but I would NOT love to learn one.  That is okay, because there is a YouTube tutorial for every subject you could be interested in learning more about.  And it is likely to be available for free.
Have an impromptu, BYO-dish, get together with friends.  If everyone has fun, maybe it can become a monthly, or even weekly event.  Think about rotating the hosting, to be fair.
Attend free concerts or events.  Some libraries publish free events, bars have comedy shows or bands – just watch how much you spend on drinks. You can even bring the dog (on a leash).
Get Out.  I mean, go outdoors.  Some can spend an entire day walking in the woods to be happy.  I am not so outdoorsy but put a concert or festival in the woods, and I’m up for it.  On the other hand, just getting out and moving can freshen your perspective on life.  So walk to work if you can, or bike or use a combination of public transportation and walking.
Be Present. Being with friends and family, and paying attention to them can be rewarding to you and them.