5 Reasons Homebuying Now Makes Sense

If you had fantasies of having the whole family over to celebrate Thanksgiving, Festival of Lights, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or other holiday I am missing, it is not too late to ditch the apartment and get into a home with room for the whole family.  Mortgage rates are low enough that even refinances are up.  Additionally, there are several reasons that buying at this time of year can be worth the effort and foul moving weather in many places.

Sellers are more motivated to sell.  The homebuying season in most areas ended when the new school year began.  That means home sellers who are still listing homes may need to relocate, or the home may have been on the market for a prolonged period and they need to sell before years end. 

Less Competition.  Many people don’t want the hassle of shopping for home in fall weather, nor do they want to find to home shop while also conducting holiday preparation.  There may be fewer homes available, but there are also fewer buyers, and less competition provides opportunity to negotiate a better deal.

Lower Prices.  While some home prices have been rising, the reduced competition combined with motivated sellers leads to reduced prices to get the homes sold before the end of the year. While there is no guarantee, it is a common trend and worth checking home prices in your target area.

Quicker Closings.  Remember that everyone invested in the transaction wants the home to close as quickly as possible.  The realtor, lender and others involve all want the transaction completed before the end of the year, and because other sales are down this time of year, your sale will boost their productivity reports.   That means Agents, loan officers, appraisers are all motivated to close the purchase transaction quickly.

Bonus-Seasonal furnishing Sales.  The holidays bring sales in all retail and that includes furniture and home décor.  So buying now can score a deal when you realize that lumpy old couch doesn’t line up right in the new home anyway. 

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