Lose the Cabin Fever with Mark Shuey’s Virtual Dojo

Sick of feeling defenseless against COVID19?  Getting a little cabin fever instead? 

Grandmaster Mark Shuey of The American Cane System and Cane Masters Inc. has help on its way.  For a limited time, Cane Masters Inc. is offering a coupon for one-week FREE access to the Mark Shuey Virtual Dojo. Grandmaster (GM) Mark Shuey developed the American Cane System which has several systems within it.  Two of those well-known systems follow:

Mark Shuey Cane Ja offers a cane-centric self-defense method

Mark Shuey Cane Ja Features fighting canes.  Canes make ideal self-defense weapons, as they are street legal, and when handled by someone who has trained in Cane Ja, the cane can disarm, or deflate the confidence of an attacker.  In the Mark Shuey Cane Ja system, students train on proper grips, stances, empty hand moves, blocks, and striking angles, as well as cane punches and other cane fighting techniques.  Though that training is all in the first of eight levels of Cane Ja, you won’t learn all of those techniques in the first week.  What Mark Shuey’s Virtual Dojo coupon does give you is the opportunity to try before you buy. 

Mark Shuey Cane Chi enhances rehabilitation, strength, and balance.

Students of the Mark Shuey Cane Chi system enjoy a regimen that yields exercise, fitness and when needed, rehabilitation, all using a series of belts and a training cane.  Cane Masters offers a Mark Shuey Cane Chi manual alone or with a full Cane chi kit. Because this program, developed with the help of Dr. John Ruberto, may be used while standing, sitting, or laying down, it is ideal for rehabilitation.  GM Mark Shuey is delighted by the number of customers who began Cane Chi training, while using a walker and progressed to the much more mobile cane.  Not sure if it will help you?  check with your doctor and then use this link to retrieve the coupon for access to Mark Shuey’s Virtual Dojo for one week free before you commit.  Once you attend, you will love being able to join in the fun from home, gaining strength, balance, and mobility during the COVID-19 “shelter in place” guidelines are in effect.

Mark Shuey Warrior Project works with disabled veterans who benefit from cane self-defense  

The Warrior project has been a favorite of Grandmaster Mark Shuey for a number of years.  Created specifically for veterans in appreciation of their sacrifices, GM Mark Shuey has traveled around the country showing how a cane does not mean you are an invalid.  He was made a difference in the lives of so many who have given so much.

Lake Tahoe, home of Mark Shuey Virtual Dojo

There are other cane-centric systems of self-defense and fitness training, but in the Mark Shuey Virtual Dojo, you can focus on basic moves and fitness.  Feel great while you shelter in place.  Spend some time working out with Grandmaster Mark Shuey in his Virtual Dojo.

And Stay safe out there!