Many people feel May is the time for lawn and deck work on your home maintenance list.  We agree, but it is important that you don’t overlook your homes structure issues now, while the weather allows repairs or replacement to be done.  So yes, weed and mulch your garden, power wash and stain that deck, start on your lawn, and fix that broken section of your fence, but remember to get your home inspected too, especially if it has been awhile since your roof and gutters were looked at.

Image by 123switch from Pixabay

Why Gutters Matter:

From roof to foundation, the damage caused by mangled or clogged gutters can be devastating for your home.  The backflow can spread under roof shingles, warping and rotting the roof boards, and destroying the fascia and soffit boards, before it seeps into your home, spreading rot, warping wood and dispersing mold.

The fix is simple, and compared to repair of the damage that gutter issues can cause, fairly inexpensive.  All Pro Xteriors Inc. is your local expert on gutter installation.  We constantly monitor new technological developments on products as well as techniques to install new gutters on your home.  Our new gutters can be beautiful too, because today, gutters can come in steel, aluminum or even copper, and in an amazing selection of colors.  Want your gutters to add architectural interest?  You can choose a sharply contrasting color for them.  Want your gutters to blend in?  Choose a color that matches your existing trim.  Love how copper ages?  Copper is a beautiful option for your home’s trim.

From traditional K-gutters, which echo crown molding trim, to the round half moon gutters, your choices can add visual interest as well as offer protection against pouring and blowing rainwater. 

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Remember the Roof:

Shingle roofs typically last thirty years, in normal weather conditions.  Tornadoes,  hailstorms and snow cause the most common damage to both shingle and metal roofs, requiring repair or replacement, depending on the extent of the damage.  Even without the severe weather, over time even sunshine can contribute to the deterioration of your roof’s condition, eventually making repairs or replacement mandatory.   The good news is, that with over twenty years of experience, All Pros Xteriors Inc. has the experience, knowledge and skills to make your roof repair or replacement a breeze.  We offer free contactless exterior home  inspections, and deliver our findings digitally so you stay safe.  Once we’re hired to do the work, our team works together to complete the work efficiently, so you can get back to your routine.  Visit to set up your free inspection today.

All Pro Xteriors Installs Siding too!

We have a great track record for exterior design, product selection and installation, leaving your home with a beautifully finished product you will love! Vinyl Siding can last a long time with little maintenance requirements, until there is hailstorm damage or heat blistering from a sun reflection.  When that happens, not only is your siding unsightly, but it can also lose its ability to protect your home.  All Pro Xteriors Inc. installs better quality siding options that not only look stunning, but stand longer to storm damage, higher winds and heat levels.  That means Siding from All Pro Xteriors will stay beautiful longer.  Get more information at or call us at (952) 486-7834.